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Interesting facts about tea: Tea Facts

Interesting and Amazing Tea Facts: Tea has become an important part of human life. Most of the people start the morning with tea. People’s craze for tea is the highest, so you will find tea sellers in every square of the village, every street and nook in the city. When you want to drink tea, then tea makers will definitely be seen making tea around you. The best and toughest tea is made when guests come to the house. It is such a drink in the world that children, old and young people like it all.

The real fun of drinking tea comes with friends. Standing in Attitude on the side of the road and drinking tea in Kulhad, it seemed that one day he would conquer the whole world. When they are with friends, they make special ginger tea, after drinking which the health becomes colorful. When there is a girl around while drinking tea, then the taste of tea becomes double. Let us know some interesting and important facts about tea.

Facts about Tea

  • Tea drinking started from China. it is said that China Of King Shen Nung A cup of hot water was kept in front of him. In which accidentally some dry leaves of tea fell and the color of the water changed to light red. The king liked the color of the water changed and when he drank it, he liked its taste. Since then tea drinking started.
  • except water world’s most consumed drink Tea is.
  • Soak tea leaves in water for some time and let its smell spread in the house, then it is in a way natural ‘allout’ will work. Mosquitoes also run away from it. This information has been taken from the Internet, it is difficult to say how much truth is there in it.
  • Highest promotion and dissemination of tea in India of British ruleHappened in L.
  • Highest tea production in India Assam And Darjeeling Happens in. The national drink of Assam is tea.

Interesting Tea Facts

  • around the world annually More than 50 lakh tonnes of tea is produced.
  • Highest production of tea in the whole world China Happens in.
  • turkey ( Turkey , The world’s largest tea-drinking country, with each person per year on average 1,300 cups of tea drinks.
  • India ranks second in tea production. of tea produced in India 70% This is what gets consumed in India itself. Only 30% Tea is sent to other countries.
  • There are many types of tea leaves available in the market like Green Tea, Dark Tea, Black Tea, Yellow Tea, White Tea , Herbal Tea , Oolong Tea and many others. Along with the name, there is also a difference in their price and quality.

Amazing Tea Facts

  • best in india bad tea Found in the train, which does not want to drink. But the addiction of drinking tea has become so much that everyone drinks that tea.
  • people in india ginger tea Most like to drink in Kulhad (earthen pot).
  • Two-three decades ago, people in the villages believed that children should not drink tea, so they used to tell them to scare them by saying that “Drinking tea will burn the liver,
  • International Tea Day is celebrated every year on 15 December all over the world.
  • The tradition of drinking tea daily in India is almost 1835 AD, started from In the beginning, tea was mostly consumed by the rich and wealthy.

Interesting facts about tea

  • Give tea to the children once or twice so that they aroma of tea recognizes from. When someone drinks tea, without seeing it, they start insisting on drinking that tea.
  • drinking tea with milk on an empty stomach acidity problem occurs. Drinking tea more than twice a day less appetite find and Indigestion problem starts to occur.
  • About 80% of tea consumption in the US Ice Tea Form Happens in.
  • In most shops, morning tea is boiled again and again and given to the customers to drink, which is very harmful for health.
  • all over the world 1500 More types of tea are found, but only green, black, white and yellow tea is in vogue.

Facts About Tea

  • Drinking 4-5 cups of tea daily in men Prostate Cancer The fear increases.
  • by drinking strong tea Ulcer The risk of getting it increases.
  • of Afghanistan and Iran National Drink Tea is.
  • Many people are so addicted to tea that if they do not get tea, Headache seems to happen.
  • Most people like to drink hot tea, but there are many people who drink the tea completely after cooling it.


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