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Essay on importance of tree in English for Children and Students

Importance of Trees Essay in English by Trust My Paper: If anyone has the most contribution in making our earth beautiful and habitable, then trees are. Trees are an integral part of nature, without which no life on earth can be imagined.

Today we humans, animals and birds are living with such happiness on earth, a big reason for this is trees. As we know how dangerous a gas like carbon dioxide can be for us if it increases on the earth.

Most importantly by saving plants, we are not doing any favor to plants but to ourselves only. Because trees and plants life does not depend on us but our lives depend on them.

Essay on importance of tree

But due to the presence of trees, its quantity does not increase, because they take carbon dioxide gas for respiration, and we all release the life-giving gas oxygen, which maintains a balance.

The importance of the tree does not end here. We get underground water because of trees. Trees have the ability to bind the soil around them. For this reason, things like soil erosion do not happen in places where there are trees.

Trees are home to many birds and animals, which act as a combination in the ecosystem. We get a girl from a tree, we get fruits, which are of great use to us. There are many trees which have medicinal properties in themselves. The fruits, roots or etc. of such trees are used to make medicine.

Many scientists are of the opinion that if all the trees are cut from the earth, then gradually the temperature of the earth will increase so much that this planet will no longer be habitable. Therefore, it can be said that if the temperature of the earth is normal, then trees have an important contribution in it.

It rains because of the trees. It is said that the place where there are more trees, rain is normal in that place. Where there are no trees, sometimes there is drought and sometimes there is a situation of flood.

If we look at the life of a few decades ago, it is known that the way people lived in the villages earlier, trees were like a capital in it.

During the summer, when the same tree used to protect people from the scorching heat of the sun, then people understood their importance. But today the times are changing. Rapid urbanization is taking place. People are migrating to the cities, due to which there is less space to live in the city.

In this situation, essentials are provided for the people by cutting trees. Industrialization has also caused a lot of damage to forests around the world. New factories are being set up, for which trees have also been cut.

But on the one hand, where man is continuously cutting trees for his convenience, on the other hand its ill-effects are also visible, due to which the world has been paying attention to it today.

Today the cycle of weather is changing. The earth is warming. Cold countries are no longer as cold as they were 20 years ago. Today, every year some natural disaster keeps on coming.

The reason for all this is some imbalance in nature, due to which we humans are responsible somewhere. Now we have come to understand about this. That is why today the cutting of trees has been declared a crime.

But there is still a lot to be done, so that our life-giving trees are protected and because of them, we remain safe.



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