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Facts About LIC | Interesting facts of LIC

Amazing and Interesting Facts about LIC– LIC – Life Insurance Corporation of India ( LIC – Life Insurance Corporation of India ) is India’s oldest, largest and most profitable life insurance company. ,Even with life, even after lifeYou must have heard this line. It is not just a line, it is the trust of the people.

In today’s era, you can get insurance information and insurance of your choice by visiting the official website of LIC. LIC premium can also be paid online. Now you will not need to go to LIC’s office.

Facts About LIC

  • Headquarters of Life Insurance Corporation of India Mumbai is in. Its offices are in most of the cities of the country. Its more than 10 lakh agents are spread across India.
  • Before independence, there were many insurance companies in India which were specialized in their region or state. in 1956Government of India of the country 245 companies Of nationalization and merged them life insurance corporation Make.
  • After the merger, the government took the business of insurance only. government company So there was no competition in this business for 44 years. year 2002 After that the government allowed private companies to enter the field of life insurance. only after Insurance , Insurance The competition started in the field of
  • LIC most of its funds government bonds , Government Bonds , corporate bond , Corporate Bonds ) invests in. some part share market , Share Market ) also invests in Most of the profits from these investments go to the insurance holders. The remaining profit goes to the owner and the Government of India.
  • BUSINESS OF LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF INDIA fiji, Mauritius, UK, Singapore, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuwait, Oman, Queue, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Nepal And Saudi Arab is also in. Here working through joint venture, wholly owned subsidiary or agent.

LIC Facts

  • If a country of LIC insurance holders is made, then in terms of population world’s fourth largest country Will happen. Now you can guess how many insurance or policy holders of LIC are there in the country and abroad.
  • in the year 2020 LIC some property of 32 lakh crore Rs., while in the year 2020 Apple Company net worth of 17 lakh crore is Rs. The total assets of Life Insurance Corporation is more than the GDP of 85% of the countries of the world.
  • LIC Bhawan tallest building in india It was when the Life Insurance Corporation of India was inaugurated in 1959.
  • year 2022 LIC’s government around 25% Planning to sell stake. It is expected that this Indian Share Market The largest IPO in the history of

Note – Some facts given in this post have been taken from online website and Wikipedia.



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