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MDH Dharampal Gulati Biography, Early Life, Net Worth, Age, Education

After all, who is the grandfather who appeared in the advertisement of MDH?

If you watch TV If you see, surely you must have seen the advertisement of MDH issues at some point or the other! And you must have also seen a grandfather in this advertisement. You must have also guessed that

“Maybe he is the master of MDH issues!”

I want to tell you that your guess is absolutely correct. Today we will tell you about these MDH issues in detail about grandfather. such an interesting story You can go and read.

His grandfather with MDH issues The real name Mr. Dharampal Gulati is | It is a sad thing that they are not in this world today, but the company founded by them, MDH Spices is still earning a name in the country and the world.

Education has a very important place in everyone’s life, usually people have the impression that without education progress is not possible. But being less educated is not a curse. There have been some celebrities whether in the country or abroad, in whose life being less educated did not become a hindrance.

Today we are talking about one such personality who became a successful businessman even after being less educated. The owner of MDH Spices Mr. Shri Dharampal Gulati ji, he has studied only till 5th standard. He earned so much name in the spice business that today everyone knows him from child to old age.

So let’s know how he took the MDH issues to the pinnacle of success and what problems he had to face in this journey.

Birth and family

Self. Shri Dharampal Gulati ji was born on 27 March 1923 in Miyapura Mohalla, Navsari in Sialkot, Pakistan. His father’s name was Mahasaya Chunni Lal and mother’s name was Chanan Devi. In the market of Sialkot, his father had a spice shop named “Monsieur Di Hatti”. his two brothers

and had five sisters. Self. Shri Dharampal Gulati ji was married at the age of 18 to Lilavati in 1941, but he died in 1992 and had a son, his name was Sanjeev. He also said goodbye to the world in 1992, two months after the death of his mother. Dharampal Gulati ji used to live with his grandson and his family. He has 6 daughters.

When the Gulati family came to India from Pakistan after the India-Pakistan partition in 1947, they were kept in a camp in Amritsar. During this, Dharampal ji reached Delhi in search of work with his brother-in-law. Initially, he started living at his niece’s house in Karolbagh. The special thing is that there was neither electricity, no water nor toilet in this house. When Gulati was coming to Delhi, his father

1500 to them. were given With this money he had bought a tonga. However, he did not like this work for long and sold the tonga. To restart his family’s spice business, Gulati ji set up a shop in Karolbagh by selling tongas. After the success in this work, he rented another shop in Chandni Chowk in 1953. A year later, in 1954, he started ‘Rupak Stores’ in Karolbagh. It was India’s first modern spice store in Delhi at that time. Later he handed over this business to his younger brother. His name was Satpal Gulati. In 1937, with the help of his father, he set up a small mirror business. After this did soap business and many jobs and business. But his mind was not engaged in any business.

After this he started helping his father in his business. After the partition of the country, he came to India and reached Delhi and achieved success in the spice business.

The self became famous with TV advertisements. Mr. Dharampal Gulati!

He himself used to advertise spices in his own advertisement. Even at the age of 96, he was on TV. Used to come in advertisements.

He loved Punjabi cuisine. He used to tell the secret of his fitness to pure balanced food and a restrained life.

How Ek Tangewala Became Masala King,

In 1948, Dharampal ji bought his tonga and left the tonga business after two months and made a small shop on Ajmal Khan Road of Karolbagh. Dharampal ji, hardworking and skilled in business, started giving advertisements in newspapers. “The degi mirch people of Sialkot are now in Delhi. As soon as people came to know, the business of Dharampal ji started spreading rapidly and by the 60s, “Mahashiyan Di Hatti” had become a famous spice shop in Karolbagh. The purity of spices was the cornerstone of the Gulati family’s business. He used to grind the spices himself. In 1959, Dharampal Gulati ji had set up his first factory for preparing spices in Kirti Nagar, Delhi, which has an annual turnover of crores of rupees. Even big companies are bowing down in front of MDH Spices Company today.

What’s the point in this spice after all?,

We will also tell you about all these things in this article.

let’s be the first MDH Of Full Form get to know about

Full Form of MDH: “Sir Di Hatti”. Monsieur Di Hatti This Masala King Late. The name of the shop of the father of Shri Dharampal Gulati was His father himself Mr. Chunilal used to run a shop in Sialkot. The name of his shop was “Monsieur Di Hatti”. Which today’s famous spice was named MDH.

Dharampal Gulati used to roam barefoot in Karol Bagh. The reason for this he told a friend that Karolbagh is like a temple for him.

,I came empty handed in this Karolbagh , I didn’t have anything at that time , I set up such a big business in this Karol Bagh. ,That’s why I think of Karolbagh as a temple. , the man who had nothing, Started life by driving a tonga ,then sold the spice ,

A tongawala became the emperor of spices, yet that person did not hide his identity of the tonga.

Even today when MDH spice is advertised on you TV. But if you see Gulati Mahasaya ji is seen on the tonga. The other special thing about his advertisement is that he himself appears in the advertisement. MDH today has a range of over 62 products which are available in over 150 different packages. Started business with 1500 rupees, today Dharampal ji has reached crores of rupees. Dharampal ji is also known as the world’s oldest star.

Today their total assets are 80% share in MDH spices, 15 spice factories, 20 schools and 1 Chanan Devi Hospital.

In today’s time, his MDH company exports spices to Switzerland, USA, Japan, Canada and European countries. MDH Company has emerged as one of the largest brands in the Spices category across the globe. Self. A book has also been written on the autobiography of Shri Dharampal Gulati ji, whose name is “Tange Wala Kaise Banana Shahenshah of Spices”.

Let us now know that Mr. Which awards have been honored by Shri Dharampal Gulati ji?

In the year 2016, he was voted ‘Indian of the Year’ at the ABCI Annual Awards.

In the year 2017 he received the Excellence Award for ‘Life Time Achievement’.

In the year 2018, he has been described as the highest paid CEO in the FMCG sector. According to this, Dharampal ji got a salary of 25 crores in 2018. He used to donate 90% of his salary to charity. Their trust also takes part in social work. He was a great follower of Arya Samaj. His religion was Hindu. Being the owner of MDH Spices they

have been in discussion. There are many factories of spices in India and Dabai. He was more interested in kite flying, wrestling, pigeon flying. He liked the ‘Chrysler Limo’ car more. His net worth is around Rs. 940 crores.

MDH also runs Sandesh Patrika, which showcases the traditional family values ​​of India.

He was very conscious about his health, due to which he used to do yoga at 5 in the morning.

Its owner, who has made a house-to-house identity with the advertisements of MDH spices. Shri Dharampal Gulati ji has been honored with Padma Bhushan by President Ram Nath Kovind.

It is considered a great example of success in the Indian food industry. But the 95-year-old self who took this company to this point. The journey of Shri Dharampal Gulati ji was not easy. they face many problems

had to do

His death-

On Thursday, 3 December 2020, he died at 5.38 am at the age of 98 after recovering from Corona C.

We salute such a great personality. Self. The life of Shri Dharampal Gulati ji is a source of inspiration for all of us. Inspite of so many sorrows and struggles, how a tongawala created such a big business of issues. Their story full of struggles teaches us that we should never give up in life.

How did you like this article of ours, do tell us in the Comment Box. Also you yourself Must also tell us what we learned from the life of Shri Dharampal Gulati ji.

Introduction of the author:- This article is written by Saurabh Gaurkar. you their website But you can also read his other articles.



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