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Best scuba diving and underwater adventure destinations in India to…


You can also enjoy scuba diving in Puducherry.
Goa has India’s best underwater adventure options.

Underwater Adventure In India: It is difficult to describe the feeling of seeing the ocean and getting into its depths. As much as the ocean looks from outside, the world inside it is full of surprises. In such a situation, if you want to experience scuba diving or water games, then you do not need to go abroad for this. India has borders of Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea spread over more than 7,000 km. In such a situation, apart from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, you can enjoy underwater games at many places.

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Netrani Island, Karnataka
Netrani Islands is a coastal region of Karnataka. This island is of heart shape which makes it very different from other places. You can do scuba diving in the sea at this destination. Here you can explore many types of seafish, sea plants and the wonderful world inside the sea.

You can also enjoy scuba diving in Puducherry in the Bay of Bengal. Apart from scuba diving, you can enjoy activities like sightseeing, snorkeling in Puducherry, known as the French Capital of India. Here you can see Marina Life closely.

There are many such spots in Goa where you can easily explore underwater adventure. Here you must visit places like Suzy Wreck, Bat Island, Cove of Shelter, Locker of Davy Jones, Getty. These places are also known for India’s best scuba diving and underwater adventure.

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There are many such islands of Andaman and Nicobar where scuba diving has been attracting tourists not only from the country but also from all over the world. Apart from scuba diving, you can also enjoy water walking here. If you plan to go here, then definitely visit North Bay and Neil Island.

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There are many places in Lakshadweep Islands where you can explore many adventures along with scuba diving. You can explore underwater with the help of experts at places like Kalpini Island, Kadmat Island, Kavaratti Island etc.

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