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Who invented Facebook and when was it founded?

Are you also searching for these Facebook questions, such as Who invented Facebook, who made it, when was Facebook founded and where is Facebook company, So today in this post we are going to share with you many things related to Facebook.

Friends, as you may know, even if you do not know, then let me tell you that Facebook is a social media app through which users can connect with each other and talk to them online, no matter where that person is in the world. .

You have to go to Facebook and create your account (Signup), when you create your account then you can invite your old friends, relatives and here you can also make new friends. Not only this, you can also chat through Facebook Massagenger.

Facebook is such a popular social media platform around the world that about 02 million people are active here every month. At present, Facebook has become a very big medium to promote business.

You must be wanting to know that Facebook is Ka Aviskar Kisne Kiya and when Facebook was established, then below we are telling about it-

Why is Facebook so popular?

I have told you in detail above about what is Facebook, but why is it so popular, let us also know about it.

Let us tell you that at present, whether one is a resident of a city or a village, wherever there is access to the Internet, every person is connected to some social media platform. Facebook is such a platform where wherever you live in the world, you can easily express your views and thoughts with each other, as well as easily convey or explain your point of view by sharing photos and videos to each other.

This is the reason that Facebook is such a popular social media platform that people are active all the time here in the millions, as well as you can join it for free and by creating a Facebook page or Facebook group, easily promote your business. Huh. You can run it from anywhere on mobile, tablet or desktop, just internet is connected. Now let us tell you who invented Facebook, so let’s know it below.

Who invented Facebook? Facebook Ka Aviskar Kisne Kiya?

Mark Zuckerberg

the name of the person who created facebook Mark Zuckerberg Who formed the college in February 2004, along with his friends Eduardo Saverin, Chris Hughes, Dustin Moskowitz, andrew McCullum, etc. from Harvard University.

When was Facebook founded?

Although I have told above about when Facebook was invented or founded, but still let me tell that on February 2004, Mark Zuckerberg made it with his friends.

Which country’s company is Facebook from?

As far as Facebook Kis Desh Ka Hai is concerned, then let us tell you that Facebook is an American company which is currently doing its business almost all over the world.

history of facebook

Talking about how the idea of ​​creating Facebook came about and how it started, then for your information, let us tell you that when Facebook’s Faunder Mark Zuckerberg was studying at Harvard University in the year 2003, he had created a website by the name of Facemash. Where you can play online games. Which had two rules to play Hot or Not. But it was banned due to rule violation and privacy violation.

After this, in January 2004, a new website “Thefacebook” was created by Mark Zuckerberg. But a few days later, Harvard Collage Seniors Cameron Winklevoss, Tyler Winklevoss and Divya Narendra accused Zuckerberg of stealing his idea, which was to create the social network website HarvardConnection. After which the matter went to the court, after which he settled the matter outside the court in 2008.

After this Sean Parker became the President of this company in the year 2004 and changed the name of the company from Thefacebook to just Facebook. Let us tell you that Facebook’s domain was bought for $200,000 because this domain was related to AboutFace Corporation.

About $12.7 million was invested in Facebook by Accel Partners in May 2005 and it was launched in September 2005 for high school students.

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Friends, hope that your questions related to Facebook have been answered, if you want to ask anything else or have any doubt, then you can definitely share your thoughts by commenting us.



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