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Where is Kamdhenu Sariya company and who is the owner of its company

Best Sariya Kamdhenu Sariya – Sariya Ka Aaj Ka Rate 2021: Heavy Metal Iron Rod Kamdhenu Sariya. Kamdhenu Sariya Rate 2021 today, Kamdhenu Sariya. Kamdhenu Sariya today’s rate. Who is the owner of Kamdhenu Sariya?

Just as the bones keep the body strong, so also the house is strengthened by the support. Kamdhenu Sariya is a well-known company with a turnover of more than 22% in the market of Sariya Market. Best Selling Kamdhenu Sariya TMT Brand Sariya is the strongest, which keeps the house young for 50 to 60 years. Kamdhenu Sariya is a well known brand. Kamdhenu Sariya is the best selling bar. It is used for making houses, buildings, offices. Let’s know today about Kamdhenu Sariya 2021. Kamdhenu Sariya Rate 2021 today, What is the Kamdhenu Sariya rate today? Who is the owner of Kamdhenu Sariya, how a company has grown very fast and made its brand number one.

Establishment of Kamdhenu Company

Known as Kamdhenu Company Limited. Since 1995, the company making bars has made its mark in more than 30% of the bars market today. The owner of Kamdhenu Sariya is Naveen Jain.

is the chairman of this company. This company is taking its product to the customers through the franchise model.

In 2008, Kamdhenu Company made its mark in the making of bars and also forayed into the business of decorative paints. Kamdhenu Paints is currently attracting customers very fast. You can get more information about Kamdhenu Paints from its official website

Kamdhenu TMT Sariya

Friends, Kamdhenu Company is at the forefront of the production of bars. Strongest TMT Bar (heavy metal iron rod kamdhenu sariya)

it happens. Kamdhenu is also one of the best companies in making TMT generation bars. The demand for Kamdhenu TMT bars brand continues to be significant in the market. Let us know what is TMT bar?

The full form of TMT bar (TMT) stands for Thermo Mechanically Treated steel.

QUOTE. There is a new technology by which bars are made. Thermo mechanically treated steel is known as TMT bars. Kamdhenu Sariya TMT There is a demand in the market because its technology is best and its bars are corrosion resistant and durable, so Kamdhenu TMT Bars Company sells the largest number of bars and steel in India.

let you know TMT Iron rods international Standard and the most sturdy and durable bars of the new generation.

flexible And mighty TMT Iron rods

Its biggest feature is that it is flexible and powerful. So that even in earthquake the house does not collapse. What is the reason for this that these bars are flexible. It does not break when bent, but because of its flexibility, where it is saved from breaking. Kamdhenu TMT Bars is one of the greatest companies in manufacturing this type of bars. Its bars are elastic, so even after an earthquake, the house does not collapse, but the house is saved from breaking due to the bars. If the intensity of the earthquake is high, the house may hang, but not much damage is done.

What is today’s rate of Kamdhenu Sariya – Today Rate of Kamdhenu Bar

If you want to order online Kamdhenu TMT Bars (Bars) then click on Click Can place order. Due to the demand and supply, the price of Kamdhenu TMT Saria (today Kamdhenu TMT Saria rate) keeps on increasing and decreasing. To know what is the price of Kamdhenu Sariya today and to place your order, you can visit its website to see the Today Rate List. Kamdhenu 2-20mm TMT Bar

49,000/Ton. In retail, where bars are available for 50 to ₹ 55 kg, two to 20 millimeters in width. The bars are seen by weight. Its rate also varies in kilogram according to the thickness of the TMT bar. The length of a bar is 12 to 18 meters. Bars are sold per kilogram of weight. Kamdhenu construction TMT bar 65 rupees kg market price is running. Kamdhenu Saria ke aaj ke rate ko janane ke liye is link per click Karen,

10 mm bars have increased from Rs 47 thousand per tonne to Rs 60 thousand per ton at present. 12 mm bars are being sold at a wholesale rate of approximately ₹ 45 kg 58 kg.

Next Generation of Kamdhenu Sariya

Friends, Kamdhenu Sariya is constantly experimenting in the products of the bar. That’s why today the world market quality bars Kamdhenu Sariya are making their mark in the Indian market.

The company states that Kamdhenu Next ,

Kamdhenu Saria next-generation 2021: The next generation bar will be the best. Research is going on on this new technology. The process of pouring and making a rebar spark consists of several steps. These processes have to be further improved in order to get stronger bars. Kamdhenu bars wherein Kamdhenu goes through a rigorous process to convert into TMT bar. Let us tell you that special technology is used in making steel steel rod, which makes the bar flexible and strong. It will have a double reed design, which will further strengthen the concrete.

Kamdhenu Company Which is the best bar of Kamdhenu company (which is the best quality TMT bar of Kamdhenu 2021 )?

Friends, Kamdhenu Company launched Kamdhenu SS 10000 TMT Bar in 2013 based on TMT Technique, which is a premium bar with double rib, double strength and double safety suitable for highly seismic zone.

Kamdhenu company Of chairman Of what name is,

Satish Kumar Agarwal is the chairman and managing director of Kamdhenu Company, which makes the bars. (The Chairman and the Director of the Kamdhenu Sariya Company Mr. Satish Agarwal)

Shri Satish Kumar Agrawal, Banaras Hindu University He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree. Good experience of 45 years in the industrial field Kamdhenu Company The credit of his success goes to him.

What is the share of Kamdhenu TMT bar Sariya in Indian TMT Sariya market?

Friends, according to the data of 2021, the share of Kamdhenu Company in India’s domestic TMT bars market is 22%, which the company has set a target of doing 30% this financial year.

Which company is leading in TMT sariya production?

Friends, TMT sariya production is a new technology in which Alloy Steel (PAS) 10,000 TMT bars product has been launched by Kamdhenu Company. This is the most durable and best bar ever. The target is to produce 26 lakh tonnes of TMT bars. The company will produce 3.5 million tonnes of TMT sariya sariya by the financial year 2021-22.

How many franchisees of Kamdhenu Limited Company work in the production and distribution distribution?

With more than 50 franchised units spread across the country, Sariya is the largest company in the production, distribution and marketing of steel and paint branding.

HOW TMT BAR IS MANUFACTURED? New Technique Of TMT Iron rods How would become is,

The best advanced technology is used to make high quality bars, this 21st century technology is called ‘Thermo Mechanical Treatment’.

Kamdhenu Iron rods Of Corporate Office Where? is,

Kamdhenu Saria has a corporate office in Gurgaon. Registered Office:


CIN: L27101HR1994PLC092205

2nd Floor, Tower-A, Building No. 9, DLF Cyber ​​City, Phase-III, Gurgaon – 122 002 (Haryana)

Telephone: 0124-4604500 (30 Lines)

Email: [email protected]




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