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Milk Price Hike Milk Inflation Rate Jumps To 9.65 Percent In February…

Milk Price Hike: This week the figures of retail inflation and wholesale inflation have come. Accordingly, the inflation rate has come down. So the food inflation rate has also come down. But the most worrying thing is the inflation of milk which is increasing month by month. In the last one year, the price of milk has increased by 20 percent and the figures of retail-wholesale inflation rate are also pointing towards the same thing.

136 percent jump in the inflation rate of milk in 14 months

According to the figures of retail inflation for February 2023, the inflation rate of milk and its related products has reached 10 percent to 9.65 percent, which was 8.79 percent in January 2023. On the other hand, in January 2022 i.e. 14 months ago, the retail inflation rate of milk and its related products was 4.09 percent. That is, there has been a jump of 136 percent in the inflation rate of milk in 14 months. According to the wholesale price based inflation data for February 2023, the inflation rate of milk and its products has increased to 10.33 percent, while it was 8.96 percent in January.

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Milk costlier by 23 percent in a year

If you look at the inflation of milk, two liter pack of Amul Fresh was available for Rs.88 per two liter on June 30, 2021, now it is available for Rs.108. Means 23 expensive. Amul’s buffalo milk, which was available at Rs 59 per liter on June 30, 2021, is getting 19 per cent costlier at Rs 70 per litre. Amul’s cow’s milk was available at Rs 47 per liter for the first one and a half years, which is now available at Rs 56 per litre. Means about 20 percent costlier. Mother Dairy and Amul have increased the price of milk five times in a year.

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Why milk prices are increasing

The increase in the prices of milk has come due to the increasing demand for milk, increase in cost and increase in transportation cost. There is a shortage of fodder for animals in the country. Due to increase in demand and limited supply, the prices have increased. Wheat and maize are the main sources of animal feed. Maize is being used to make ethanol. Due to which the prices of these things have increased with the decrease in supply. The process of increasing the prices of milk is going to stop here. The process of increasing the prices of milk may continue. The effect of expensive milk is not limited to the inflation of milk only. Due to the increase in the prices of milk, ghee, paneer, khoa and curd lassi have become expensive. From sweets to biscuits, chocolates have also become expensive.

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people reduced the consumption of milk

Expensive milk has affected the kitchen budget of common people. Last month, in the survey of LocalCircles, it has been found that out of every 10 families, there are 4 such families who have reduced the consumption of milk. So have come upon some cheap alternatives. Some people have stopped buying milk or milk products.

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