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Microplastic Harms Human Body How It Affects Human Health

Microplastics: The amount of plastic waste is increasing rapidly all over the world. It is harming everything from the ecosystem to the people. We are hardly aware of how much microplastic is entering the human body on a daily basis and what are the consequences? Fine particles of plastic are called microplastics. Some studies estimate that on an average every week at the global level, from 0.1 to 5 grams of microplastics can enter the human body in different ways.

These particles can usually enter the body through food, any drink and breath and even through the skin. After entering the human body, these microscopic particles (less than 5 mm) go into the digestion, respiration and circulatory systems. According to the report of news agency PTI, microplastic can pose a serious threat to human health. This is because the polluted substances inside them are associated with many diseases. These include heart and reproductive problems as well as diabetes, obesity and cancer. Therefore, it is important that researchers determine the number of microplastics entering the human body and its potential effects.

How do microplastic particles enter the body?

Microplastic particles enter the human body along with water, salt, fish, beer, sugar and honey. Globally, every person swallows 11,845 to 1,93,200 microplastic particles (7.7 grams to 287 grams) every year. The biggest source of these particles is drinking water, which includes tap water and bottled water. Apart from food and drink, microplastic particles also go inside the human body through the dust present in the houses, due to which humans are more at risk. Due to this, extra 26 to 130 microplastic particles come in contact with the lungs every day. Bottled water has the highest concentration of microplastics and can be caused by packaging and processing.

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