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Interesting facts about air, Facts About Wind

Interesting and Amazing Facts About Wind – In this article interesting information related to air has been given. It must be read by school children and students. This will increase their knowledge. If you like this post then also share with friends.

Till date no one has seen the wind. When the leaves move or there is wind in our body. Then we feel that the wind is blowing. The cool breeze blowing in the summer makes the mind blissful. Whereas in winter, these winds force it to shrink.

Facts About Wind

  • wind speed gauge Anemometers says.
  • to harness energy from the wind Wind Turbine ) is used.
  • Wind plays an important role in many recreational sports. for example Kite Boarding, Wind Surfing And Paragliding etc. is.
  • wind direction device Weather Vane ) says. Many people find it on the highest peak of their house. This is also used as architectural decoration.
  • When there is a sudden change in the wind blowing normally, the people of the village make the forecast of the weather. From the direction of the wind blowing, we can predict whether it will rain today or not.
  • While breathing the air in, then exhales it. in that Nitrogen 78%, Oxygen 21%, Carbon dioxide 0.03%, other 0.01% There is a volume of gases.
  • There was a cyclone in Australia in which 408 kmph speed The wind was blowing. This is the highest wind speed ever. this event April 10, 1996 AD occurred in.
  • in the solar system Saturn And Neptune The strongest winds blow on the planet.
  • natural winds It is beneficial for health, whereas artificial winds are harmful to our body and health.
  • sailing ship, sail With the help of wind, it moves in water by using power.
  • Depending on the intensity of the winds, they are known as wind, gale, tornado etc.


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