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How to check Reliance Jio number balance

From April 1, you will have to pay for the services of Reliance Jio. It is possible that most of you have already got prepaid recharge done by now. After 1st April you would like to know what is the balance. Now that all voice calls are free on Reliance Jio, the balance will be used to pay for the data plan chosen by you. Or for more data consumption.

Whether you are a Jio Prime user or not, checking balance is very important. According to the Jio website, you can check balance in two ways. However, this will require internet. We tested both the methods and found them to be very effective. You can check your balance in this way.

on the phone
The process of checking balance from the phone is very easy. It will not take you even a minute to do this.

1. Launch MyJio app on your Jio connected phone.
2. After this, tap on Open appearing in front of My Jio.
3. Then tap on Sign In**. You’ll need to provide your username (phone number) and password, or you can choose to sign in with SIM.
4. You can click on the three lines you see in the top left.
Then tap on My Plans.
5. enough. On this screen you will see the balance and validity of the data.

This screen will have all the details of prepaid data, Wi-Fi data, SMS and calls.

on the computer
If you are not able to check balance in jio phone. It is possible that your data is not working and you want to check the balance, then the second method is also very easy.

1. Go to
2. Sign in with your phone number and password.
3. Then click on My Plans. Check your balance and other details.

So in this way you will be able to check balance. Some websites have claimed that Jio users are able to check balance by writing MBAL, SMS to 55333 or by dialing *333#. However, we tried both the methods but never succeeded.

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