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Horoscope Today June 8 2023 Read Your Astrological Predictions Aaj Ka…

Horoscope Today 8 June 2023, Today’s Daily Horoscope: According to astrology, 8 June 2023, Thursday is an important day. Panchami Tithi will then be Shashthi Tithi till 0:59 pm today. Today till 0:59 pm Shravan Nakshatra will remain Dhanishtha Nakshatra. Today Vashi Yoga, Anandadi Yoga, Sunfa Yoga, Budhaditya Yoga, Aindra Yoga will be supported by planets.

If your zodiac sign is Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, then you will get the benefit of Shash Yoga. Moon will remain in Capricorn. Note the auspicious time for auspicious work today, today there are two times. There will be auspicious choghadiya from 07:00 am to 08:00 am and auspicious choghadiya from 05:00 pm to 0:00 pm. There, Rahukal will remain from 01:30 to 03:00 in the afternoon. What is Thursday bringing for other zodiac signs? Let’s know today’s horoscope (Rashifal in Hindi)-

Moon will be in the 10th house which will make you a crazoholic. Due to the formation of Vasi, Sunfa, Budhaditya and Aindra yoga, you will do your work with confidence at the workplace, which will make you feel like working. Businessmen, maintain humility and simplicity in your nature because due to this quality of yours, more and more customers will join you. Competitive students, who are studying away from home, should avoid taking any kind of intoxicant and also keep away from risky activities. There is a possibility of a dispute with family members regarding financial matters, try to solve the matters through talks only. Be alert for diseases related to mosquitoes, negligence with health can be heavy, so be alert.
Lucky Colour- Purple, No-5

Taurus (Taurus)-
Moon will be in the 9th house due to which your recognition will increase at the social level. Due to the formation of Vasi, Sunfa, Budhaditya and Indra yoga, you will be able to please the boss at the workplace due to your smart work and reliability. If electric, electronics and grocery businessmen keep distance from loans, then the day will be better for you, because the goods given on loan can cause mental stress. Competitive students are likely to have a dispute with friends at the center regarding any topic, question and answer, so try to remove the shortcomings of your nature. If we talk about home-family relations, it is not a good thing to have constant heat in the relations, after a long time there will be a chance to spend time with the family members, due to which the atmosphere of the house will be very good by the evening. If there is a cyst in the stomach, then be alert and get the operation done soon, it is not right to be careless about health.
Lucky Colour- White, No-7

Gemini (Gemini)-
Moon will remain in the 8th house, due to which there may be a quarrel with someone during the journey. Competition with co-workers may increase at the workplace, in order to move forward, more hard work will have to be done to prove yourself better. There is a possibility of loss to those doing building material and construction related business, so be alert while taking any kind of contract. Sports persons can get injured on the track while practicing, how to practice meditation. In love life and married life, you will hit your own feet by getting into someone else’s words. You can be troubled due to chronic illness, try to keep yourself healthy.
Lucky Colour- Grey, No-2

Cancer (Cancer)-
Moon will remain in the 7th house, due to which the relationship with the life partner will improve. Before taking the responsibility of the Employees Office, make sure to assess your capacity, only then it will be good if you take the responsibility. Businessmen doing business in partnership should not trust anyone blindly as there is a possibility of betrayal with you. While joking with friends, the new generation should take care of their limits and not cross the limits because your behavior can make them sad. There is a possibility of expenditure, may have to sell the old vehicle and buy a new vehicle. While using the electronics gadget, the user may have any problem related to the eyes, eyes are a very sensitive part of our body, so take the time to get them checked by a good eye specialist.
Lucky Colour- Pink, No-4

Lion (Leo)-
Moon will be in the sixth house, due to which one will get rid of chronic diseases. Due to the formation of Vasi, Sunfa, Budhaditya and Indra Yoga, when the office work becomes light, you will be able to complete your work ahead of time, due to which the day will be good, if you are free on time, better time with old friends as well as family. Will spend Businessmen should not adopt the wrong path to achieve quick success, otherwise you may have to bear heavy losses. The new generation will feel a tremendous change in themselves, may feel energetic one moment and stressed the next. While going home from office, definitely take something for the family, and for small children, if possible, take sweets, chocolates or toffees. People who are already sick should be alert, take medicines on time and strictly follow the instructions of the doctor.
Lucky Colour- Navy Blue, No-1

Virgo (Virgo)-
Moon will be in the 5th house due to which there will be improvement in the studies of the students. You will be self-confident at the workplace, do not fight ego with co-workers, doing so can spoil your relationship with them. Businessmen should avoid doing any work in haste, work done in haste can cause problems. New generation should make promises only after assessing their capability, false or incomplete promises can make one very sad.
Take care of the needs of the family, be aware of their health as well. People suffering from serious diseases will look troubled, to get rid of diseases, do both medicine and abstinence.
Lucky Colour- Cream, No-3

Moon will remain in the fourth house, due to which land-building matters will be resolved. Do not get upset after seeing failure in the field of career, rather try to identify your shortcomings through failures and learn from them. While buying medical, pharmaceutical and surgical goods, do check the local companies only after that buy the goods, otherwise you may get caught in the crime of selling fake goods. If the students preparing for competitive and general exams concentrate on their field instead of interfering in the disputes of others, it will be better for their future. Try to spend more time with your parents, their blessings and guidance are very important for you. Pay attention in the case of heart patient health, the weight of the heart can turn into disease, so avoid worrying unnecessarily and stay cool.
Lucky Colour- Golden, No-4

Sankashti Chaturthi 2023: Keep the fast of Sankashti Chaturthi today, this fast of Ganesh ji will open the doors of luck

Moon will remain in the third house, so that the relationship with the younger brother will be strengthened. Unemployed people keep their contacts active, so that their work will be done soon. Businessmen looking for new opportunities have to keep their mind active only then they will get good opportunities soon. Competitive and general exam students should devote their whole life to study because only this can shape their future. Due to the formation of Vasi, Sunfa, Budhaditya and Indra Yoga, people troubled by the painter property dispute can now get relief, there is a possibility that the decision will be in your favor. The problems of the cervical patient may increase, due to which he may be troubled for the whole day due to head and neck pain.
Lucky Colour- Green, No-6

Moon will remain in the second house, so that moral values ​​can be recognized and fulfilled. Due to the formation of Vasi, Sunfa, Budhaditya and Indra Yoga, you will appear dedicated towards work at the workplace, dedication towards work will help you to get promotion quickly. To increase the business, you should spend some time in social media, as the network increases, the number of customers will also increase. Sports person should concentrate the mind, do yoga and meditation to keep the mind calm. You may be worried about the marriage of a marriageable child, keep patience because there is a possibility of a relationship sitting at home soon. People suffering from illness should not be negligent in taking the medicine, otherwise their problem may increase.
Lucky Colour- Brown, No-8

The moon will remain in your zodiac, due to which the mind will remain calm. Do the official work in the office in a planned manner so that you will be able to get the work done on time and well. Due to the formation of Vasi, Sunfa, Budhaditya and Indra yoga, they will be able to earn profit from small investments made in the business before Thanepadmeund, due to which their day will be auspicious. Sports persons should stay away from cunning, adulterous people because such people can trap you in bad habits. Try to stick with trusted friends. Due to the property of the painter, there may be estrangement between the family members. Avoid the situation of dispute, as well as advise family members to live with love. People suffering from dandruff and hair problems should try home remedies as well as consult a doctor.
Lucky Colour- Silver, No-5

Moon will remain in the 12th house, due to which new contact can cause harm. Social media related employees should be active, maybe they will get a chance to do some explosive story. The day will not be in favor for handicraft, import and export businessmen, you can be a victim of fraud. Students preparing for competitive and general exams will waste time with friends in spite of being close to the exam. Relationships can get sour due to suspicious situations in love and married life. To keep the bond of relationship strong, do not let the trust weaken.
In terms of health, stay away from cough and cold, infection can occur.
Lucky Colour- Orange, No-2

Moon will remain in the 11th house, which will bring benefits from profits. Treat co-workers, juniors and seniors well in the office, keep them happy. Time is favorable for ready made and garment clothes businessmen, if they have been considering for investment for a long time, then the time between 7.00 am to 8.00 am and 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm will be auspicious. Students preparing for competitive and general exams will not be able to concentrate on studies due to unknown fear, for this you should try to remove the fear by talking to a knowledgeable person. Give time to new relationship, if possible then make a plan to go out somewhere. There is every possibility of getting rest in deteriorating health, due to which you will feel yourself internally energetic.
Lucky Colour- Yellow, No-7

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