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Football: After Ronaldo and Benzema, Messi also left Europe, in Barcelona…

Lionel Messi
– Photo: Amar Ujala


Football star Lionel Messi will now be seen playing for Inter Miami in Major League Soccer. Messi is associated with this team as a free agent. With the end of his contract with PSG, Messi made it clear that he would no longer play for the club. After this speculations were being made that Messi can also play in Saudi Arabia League like Ronaldo. He could have joined Al Hilal club and become the highest paid football player, but it hasn’t happened.

Messi has decided to play in the American League. He said on his decision that he is not doing this for money. He wanted to play for Barcelona in the European league, but this did not happen. He has since decided to play in Major League Soccer and enjoy the game with a new perspective.

Will Messi ever return to Barcelona?

After joining Inter Miami, Messi said that he is a fan of Barcelona and will spend his life there. He wanted to come to Barcelona, ​​but it was not that easy. He didn’t even get any official offer from the club. If he had joined this club, other people of the club would have had to reduce their salary. At the same time, some players would also be separated from the club. He is tired of this. He also said that some people feel that his arrival will harm Barcelona. That’s why he doesn’t want Messi to return to the club. That is why he is not joining this club.

On the question related to his salary, Messi said that he is not associated with Miami for money. If it was a matter of money, he would have played in the Saudi league. He had offers from many other teams in Europe, but he did not want to play for any club other than Barcelona in this league. After what happened to him two years ago, he couldn’t wait for Barcelona. He also has to take care of himself and his family’s future and every time he cannot leave his career in the hands of others.

Messi third veteran to leave Europe in six months

Three Ballon d’or winners have left Europe in the last six months. It was started by Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo. He joined Al Nastra in the Saudi league and became the highest paid player. After Ronaldo, Karim Benzema also distanced himself from this league and joined Saudi League team Al Ittihad. Now Messi will also be seen leaving PSG and playing for Inter Miami in the Major Soccer League. With the departure of these legends, the popularity of European club football is bound to decline.

Messi’s record in Europe

Messi started his club career in the European league in 2004. Here he scored 704 goals in 853 matches and helped his teammates to score 300 goals. During this he also won 12 league titles and the Champions League four times. Apart from this, he also won 22 other trophies. Messi has won a total of 38 trophies.



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