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Facts About Indian Farmer in Hindi | Interesting facts about farmer

Interesting Facts About Indian Farmer in Hindi Indian farmer does not get basic facilities like education and health. Due to lack of proper education, he takes money from usurers at high interest rate and spends his whole life in repaying it. Due to lack of education, farmers are exploited in many ways. Due to the lack of free health facilities, life’s earnings are spent on treatment.

Farming in India is done in a traditional way. Those who are educated consider farming as a small task. That’s why they do government jobs, private jobs or do their own business. To do farming in a scientific way, proper knowledge and training is needed. There is no such system in rural areas.

In view of the present situation. It would not be untrue to say that – Indian farmer is born in poverty and dies in poverty. This is a harsh truth. Due to the loss in agriculture, the farmer takes loans and commits suicide due to failure to repay the loan. Only big farmers or financially strong farmers are able to earn profit from agriculture. There are many problems in the life of farmers. Some interesting facts about Indian farmer and agriculture are given. Do read and share them.

Facts About Indian Farmer in Hindi

  • India is an agricultural country. Here 60% people Directly and indirectly connected with agriculture. Despite being an agricultural country, the worst condition is of agriculture and farmers.
  • 1997-2006 in the middle 1,66,304 Farmers committed suicide. This data is taken from Wikipedia. According to this figure every year 15 thousand Above people commit suicide every year. This government should be the first duty that the standard of living of the farmers should be improved and the number of farmer suicides should be reduced to zero.
  • Farmers are called those who do the curry of farming. Farmer He is also known as agriculturist and agriculturist.
  • India ranks first in agricultural products like sugarcane, millet, jute, castor, mango, banana, grapes, peas, ginger, papaya etc., Wheat, rice, potato, onion, garlic, fruits and vegetables have the second place in production.
  • Agricultural development in India is only on official papers. No farmer wants his son to do farming. Due to the increase in population, the land of poor farmers was divided into pieces, due to which it became difficult to maintain the whole family by farming. Therefore, in compulsion, the farmers have to go to the city for wages.

Interesting Facts About Indian Farmer in Hindi

  • agriculture in india Indus Valley Civilization It has been done since time immemorial.
  • Farmers take loans from the village or nearby zamindars or moneylenders instead of banks. The debt which he is not able to repay even after earning his whole life. lenders per month approx. 5% to 10% Interest up to Rs.
  • Government The illiterate farmers are not able to take advantage of the assistance and facilities provided by them. The farmers and the poor working in MNREGA have to give above 50% of the income received from it to the village head.
  • in India green revolution It was started in the year 1966-67. MS in India Swaminathan is considered to be its father. The credit for starting the Green Revolution goes to Nobel Laureate Professor “Norman Borlaug”.
  • born in india tea 50% of the production is done in Assam only.

Farmer Facts in Hindi

  • agriculture of india If production efficiency is improved and farmers are motivated to do animal husbandry along with farming, then their income can be doubled.
  • Bananas India ranks first in the production of India supplies bananas all over the world.
  • India produces so much grain every year that whole world Can be fed for about 4-5 months.
  • Indian Puranas In this also mention has been made of farming, manure, grain, animal husbandry, tillage etc.

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