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Covid: Take care! Now the corona is attacking the intestines as well… now of fever-cough…

Covid Treatment: Covid wreaked havoc not only in the country but in the world. Covid is mutating and trying to become fatal every day. Scientists and doctors are keeping an eye on the mutation of Kovid. Kovid has engulfed a large population of the country. Corona has affected every part of the body including kidney, liver, brain, lungs etc. Every time some new symptoms of Kovid are emerging. Symptoms like cough and shortness of breath are common in these, now a new symptom has emerged. This also needs to be understood

If diarrhea occurs today itself, it may be Covid 
Now diarrhea symptoms are being seen in Covid patients. According to media reports, it has been revealed in the study of ZOE COVID Study App Study App that diarrhea has emerged among the primary symptoms of Covid. This symptom can also appear on the first day of being Kovid positive. According to a 2020 study, most people have complained of diarrhea after having Kovid. Apart from this, stomach infection was also seen. 

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Corona virus can attack intestines
According to ZOE, coronavirus can attack intestinal cells . Due to this, the infection in the intestines will increase and the patient will have the problem of diarrhea. Loose motions can occur from day one and can become severe as the disease progresses. According to ZOE Health App, diarrhea can persist for up to 7 days in a patient. It was also observed that people who had covid complaints of diarrhea. It even came to the point of getting him admitted to the hospital. Patients had severe pain in the stomach. According to the app, at the end of the year 2020, people in whom the alpha variant of Corona was seen. 30 percent of them had diarrhea. In addition, one in five patients experienced this symptom even when they had a Delta or Omicron strain. The special thing is that these people had also done two to three vaccinations. 

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Other symptoms are also visible
According to the app, along with diarrhea, other symptoms have also been seen in the patient. These include headache, loss of appetite, loss of smell, sore throat, chest pain and cough, fever, while other symptoms include high temperature, chills, difficulty breathing, fatigue, according to the NHS UK. These include pain in the body, blocked or runny nose. 

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How to protect
The patient should wash hands properly. Sanitize the bathroom. This can stop the spread of diarrhea. Clean the bathroom with disinfectant, before eating, and regularly. This can help in preventing the spread of infection. If someone in the family is seeing such symptoms, then there is a need to see a doctor immediately. Isolate the person. 

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