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These Vegetables Can Be Consumed During Navratri Fast

Vegetable in Navratri: In the festival of Navratri, which lasts for nine days, different forms of Mother are worshiped for the entire nine days, as well as fasting is also kept for nine days. After nine days, this festival ends with the worship of Kanjika (girl). However, everywhere these fasts are performed in different ways. Some people keep a fast for nine days, while others for the last two days. At the same time, some people fast only on the first and last Navratri. In such a situation, if you are also going to fast for the whole nine days, then take care of your food and drink. During the fast, you can consume some such vegetables, which will fulfill the essential nutrients in the body, as well as there will be no shortage of water.

Eat these vegetables during fasting

can eat carrots

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You can also consume carrots during fasting days. Eating carrots rich in vitamin A and nutrients increases immunity, as well as provides energy.

Keep Cucumbers Hydrated

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You can also eat cucumber or cucumber during the fast. By consuming them, water is supplied, which helps in avoiding dehydration. You can eat cucumber or cucumber as a salad.

eat lemon

If you are feeling tired and weak in fasting for 9 consecutive days, then you can consume lemonade. This will work to give you energy, as well as fulfill the fatigue and lack of water.

gourd eat in fasting

You can also consume bottle gourd during fasting days. With this, you can consume it by making juice, soup or vegetable. Consumption of bottle gourd also helps in curing diabetes and obesity.

Raw banana is also effective

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You can also consume raw banana among vegetables. For this, you can eat banana curry or make chips.

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