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Scale heights in the hospitality industry with the latest technology

As we approach the era of the “new normal,” hotels are adopting newer technologies to enhance customer comfort levels and optimize their operations for overall development and growth. With newer technologies in the digitized era and changing customer trends, adopting the latest technologies cost-effectively would be the most strategic way to grow in this hospitality industry with a competitive edge.

From hotel software to IoT, hotel technologies enable hotels to become future-ready. This article will discuss the top five latest hospitality industry technologies that are transforming how hotels operate.

What are the New Technologies in Hotels?

Hotel Management System

From maximized customer satisfaction to improved business processes, hotel management systems have remodeled the hospitality industry largely. Hotel software automates daily operations and administrative tasks, enabling hotels to focus on smart management and enhanced customer experience.

Property management systems help front-end staff to overview hotel bookings, room availability, and guest preferences under a centralized platform. Moreover, cloud-based hotel property management software with integrated CRM functions helps you monitor your business processes and provide reports on different administrative operations to help you accurately improve your business performance.

With easy check-in and check-out functionality and customer data insights, the hotel management system helps you provide your guests with personalized experiences, bringing in high ROI and revenue. Mycloud Hospitality offers the best management software to enable hotels to become future-ready and deliver spotless customer service.

Smart Energy Management

Highly cost-saving and at par with the energy-saving movement, hoteliers gradually shift to smart energy management rooms, approaching a more sustainable and cleaner grid in the hospitality industry.

Smart Energy Management technology helps hotels to lower their energy consumption while maintaining the overall guest experience. These systems are inbuilt with in-room occupancy sensors that detect the guest’s presence through room temperative and motion sensors, adjusting the lighting or power accordingly. This technology is a combination of hardware and software that helps hotels to save energy consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Some of the main features of Smart Energy Management technology in hotels are:

  • Lower Energy Use
  • Improved Guest Experience
  • Optimized Proactive Maintenance
  • Track Thermodynamic Changes and Weather Outside and adjust accordingly


Robots replacing the concierge role within hotels is the newest hospitality trend receiving huge responses. From welcoming guests to providing them with important information, robots have scaled hotels on the technological front, creating unique customer experiences.

As of now, in 2022, the main function of robots is service delivery, collecting items for guests, and providing information within their database. However, these functionalities are estimated to complement several other functions within the next decade. Costly and tech-savvy, robotics has been implemented by top-tier hotels until now to automate processes in different ways.

Robots have also aided the post-pandemic touchless trend amongst customers, as the individual hotel staff will not be required to serve customers as robots will replace them.


Chatbots have been playing a significant role in transforming how hotels interact with customers in 2022. Faster, more efficient, and hassle-free chatbot systems in hotels enable guests to order food, check room availability, and put in their queries without having to interact physically with the hotel staff.

Some hotels have implemented AI chatbots, which are highly sophisticated and improve the customer experience magnificently. These chatbots use AI and Machine Learning to pick up information about the guests during a conversation and curate responses accordingly. This feature enables chatbots to make better customer recommendations, eliminating the robot-like element in helping customers.

With chatbots, hotels can also provide 24/7 services to customers, increase customer booking opportunities and reduce the burden on customer service teams. Cost-effective and a smart customer-facing approach, chatbots have helped hotels largely to improve customer experience and make guests revisit time and again.

Internet of Things

One of the most integrated, advanced technology adopted by most hoteliers in 2022 is IoT (Internet of Things), which establishes internet connectivity between smart appliances and devices in a hotel room to make guests more comfortable and personalize their stay.

This feature lets customers control a room’s multiple electronic or smart devices from one centralized device, such as a tablet or phone. As a result, guests can control the heating, ventilation, or air conditioning temperature, use digital key cards instead of physical ones, and so on.

The potential of IoT is huge for the future of the hotel industry, and hoteliers are wisely capitalizing on this, not only to deliver maximized customer experience but also to automate several processes cost-effectively.

Big Data

Hotel Industries are eventually incorporating the concept of Big Data to generate revenue and leverage customer data to their benefit. With the wealth of data that hoteliers accrue annually, Big Data can help them find marketable insights to improve business performance and bring in high ROI.

With reports on key performance metrics, past booking data, and customer data, hotels can re-evaluate their marketing offers, room rates, and business analytics and develop profitable business solutions. Big Data helps hotels work on targeted marketing by understanding distinct customer segments and catering to their guests accordingly. This customer-first approach greatly enhances the hotel’s marketability factor, bringing in positive reviews and testimonials from customers.

If you wish to stay ahead of hospitality trends and make the most of this competitive, thriving market, Big Data is a great investment for your hotel.

Scale your hotel business today!

With different technologies taking the hotel industry by storm, hotel software is a great place to headstart if you are looking for success and reputation management in this field. While other technologies, such as chatbots and AI robots, are scaling hotel operations largely, hotel management system has topped the charts. Its integrated, user-friendly interface provides hoteliers with unparalleled centralized control and eases operational tasks and administrative management.

We hope this blog will help you grasp the importance of technology in the hospitality industry and give you an insight into the most trending ones that are scaling hoteliers at the wind’s pace.



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