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Ratha Saptami 2023 Do These Achuk Upay To Get Surya Dev Kripa On Achala…

Surya Saptami 2023: The Saptami of the fee fortnight of Magh month will be celebrated today i.e. on January 28, 2023. This day is known as Rath Saptami. Sun God is worshiped on this day. Women especially fast on this day, we also know this fast by the name of Sair Saptami or Rath Saptami. This date is celebrated every year as Rath Saptami, we also call it Achala Saptami. We also celebrate this day as the birthday of the Sun God.

But if the Sun is weak in your horoscope, or you are not getting auspicious results, then the day of Rath Saptami will prove to be auspicious for you. Remedies done on the day of Rath Saptami will make the Sun strong and auspicious in your horoscope.

Ways to strengthen the sun in the horoscope

  • Consuming salt is prohibited on the day of Rath Saptami.
  • Donating this salt is considered auspicious.
  • Donate by lighting a lamp of sesame oil in the river on this day, there will be happiness in your married life.
  • Offer Arghya to the rising sun on this day, you will get success in your career.
  • Take a bath by adding red sandalwood, gangajal and saffron in the bath water, happiness and prosperity will come in the house.
  • To strengthen the sun in your horoscope, after bath and worship, donate lentils, jaggery, copper, wheat, red or orange cloth to a poor Brahmin.
  • This will strengthen the sun in your horoscope.

You will get auspicious results on Rath Saptami

By fasting on Rath Saptami, all diseases are destroyed. Along with this, you get progress in your career. If the position of the Sun is weak in your horoscope, then by doing these remedies, the Sun becomes strong and gives auspicious results. On the day of Ratha Saptami one should get up before sunrise and take bath. After taking bath, Arghya should be offered to the Sun God. After that worship of Lord Surya Narayan should be done.

So you too can please the Sun God with these surefire measures on this day, and strengthen the Sun in your horoscope.

Surya Saptami 2023: The fast of Surya Saptami will be observed on January 28, a fast to please the Sun

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