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Motivational Quotes These Reason Lakshmi Ji Not Blessing You Success…

Safalta Ki Kunji, Motivational Thoughts In Hindi: Success is desired by every person. But only that person is successful in life who always adopts good habits. Such people also get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. Chanakya Niti says that, for a person to get success, it is necessary to make a part of good things in his life. Such a person who is attached to good things in his life, no one can stop him from being successful.

In the teachings of Gita (Geeta Updesh), Lord Krishna also gives knowledge to Arjuna about the importance of good qualities and thoughts. According to the scholars, any person becomes successful or unsuccessful only by his qualities and conduct. That’s why it is said that the person who adopts good qualities becomes superior and successful. On the other hand, when he starts following bad habits and things, success goes far away from him. That’s why if you want to be successful in life, then definitely keep these three things in mind.

renunciation of untruth

According to Chanakya (Chanakya Niti), the person who takes support of lies for his selfishness. Such a person can never be successful in life. Success does not only mean earning money or being full of comforts. Rather, the meaning of success is also related to the conduct and thoughts of a person. The person who protects the interests of others and is full of goodwill. Such a person gets respect everywhere and such people are dear to everyone.

stay away from laziness

Laziness is the biggest obstacle in success. A lazy person puts off today’s work for tomorrow. Due to the habit of postponing work, such people get failure, which later becomes the cause of sorrow. Because due to their habit, such people lose the opportunities of profit. Mother Lakshmi’s grace does not remain on lazy people.

greed is the cause of suffering

The cause of all miseries and successes is one’s greed. That’s why a person should stay away from greed or greed. A greedy person is never satisfied because of this demerit of his and his mind is always restless. A greedy person always talks about his selfishness. That’s why he can never be successful.

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