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Magh Purnima 2023 February Purnima Shubh Muhurat 4 Auspicious Yoga

Magh Purnima 2023: The full moon of Magh month is falling on 5 February 2023, a Sunday. There is special importance of worshiping Sun and Moon on full moon day. On this day there will be full moon of Magh month. Bathing in any holy river has special significance on this day. It is believed that Lord Vishnu resides in the water of the pilgrimage on the full moon day.

Astrologer Dr. Anish Vyas told about the importance of Magh Purnima and the importance of Udaya Tithi, Magh Purnima will start from 9.21 pm on 4th February and will remain till 11.58 pm on 5th February. It is believed that importance is given to the date at the time of sunrise, so Udayatithi i.e. full moon date falling at the time of sunrise will be celebrated on 5th February. Before sunrise in the morning from 5.27 am to 6.18 am is the auspicious time for bath. By the way, it is auspicious to take bath from morning to evening since full moon date is full day.

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4 auspicious yogas on full moon day

Ayushman Yoga – From 1.53 pm on February 4 to 2.42 pm the next day on February 5

Ravi Pushya Yoga – On Magha Purnima, Sunday from 7.10 am to 12.13 noon is the best time for auspicious works due to Pushya Nakshatra.

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Saubhagya Yoga – From 2.42 pm on 5th February to 3.26 pm on 5th February is the best time for worship and donation.

Sarvarthasiddhi Yoga Sarvarthasiddhi Yoga will be there on February 5 from 7.10 am to 12.13 pm.

  • The work done in Ayushman Yoga keeps giving you auspicious results for a long time. The one who gives happiness throughout life.
  • Auspicious work done in Ravi Pushya Yoga gives good results. You can do work related to money, gold and jewelry these days.
  • Saubhagya Yoga: On this day there is special importance of worship and donation of lessons, and marriage is also considered in this yoga.
  • In Sarvarthasiddhi Yoga, buying property, starting a new business, inaugurating a shop, buying new utensils are considered very beneficial.

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