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Indian Aviation Sector: Boeing said, in the next 20 years India will get 31,000…

Indian Aviation Sector: India’s aviation market is witnessing tremendous changes. Air India has placed an order to buy 470 aircraft. Indigo is also preparing to place orders for the purchase of new aircraft. In such a situation, a large number of pilots and mechanics will be required for these aircraft. American aircraft maker Boeing has said that India will need 31,000 pilots and 26,000 mechanics in the next 20 years. 

Recently Boeing had said in its report that by 2040, India’s air traffic will show annual growth at the rate of 7 percent. Salil Gupte said that after getting out of the Corona epidemic, the demand for air travel has surprised the whole world. He said that the global financial crisis is not going to have any effect on the growth of air travel.  

In view of the increasing demand for air travel, the domestic airlines of the country are going to order more than 1100 new aircraft in the coming days. Whose Tata has started. Tata Group has ordered 470 new aircraft to Boeing and Airbus. And the company has the option of ordering 370 more planes in addition. Airlines companies may have to order 2210 new planes to meet the growing demand for air travel in India. Air India, Indigo, Vistara and Akasa have a total of 1115 planes on order.  

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