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If you want to lose weight then stop drinking tea with milk. In this talk of gym trainer…

Whatever we eat or drink has a direct effect on our health. This thing has also been proved. In such a situation, let us assume that if we eat any wrong thing or tea, coffee, food items with more sugar and salt can disturb our health and fitness. This has become a very troublesome thing, especially for those people whose morning starts with tea. Who cannot even imagine starting their day without a sip of tea. Many health experts say that drinking 1-2 cups of tea a day does not cause any harm to the body. But as soon as you join the gym, you must have heard the trainer saying that if you want to lose weight, stop drinking tea. Today we will talk about whether tea has to be given up if we really want to lose weight.

Dietician Mac Singh has shared a post about the link between losing weight and tea. According to the news published in the Indian Express, the dangerous addiction of drinking tea can stop your weight loss journey. So drink tea wisely. It should not happen that you drink 20 cups of tea in a whole day. Mac Singh has shared a post related to this on his Instagram. In this he writes that tea contains high level of compounds which helps in reducing the fat of the guts. Along with this, it also works to reduce cholesterol. And the proteins found in milk prevent fat from forming. 


A cup of tea is often loaded with sugar, which people Thinking of losing weight is not quite right for them. Mac Singh adds further. If you are drinking 4-5 cups of tea in a day. So it means you are eating a lot of sugar. So it is absolutely wrong from the angle of weight loss.

Drinking tea with snacks is not good

There are many people who do without snacks or biscuits. If you do not drink tea without tea, then for their information, let us tell you that doing so is completely unhealthy. 

Nutritional deficiency

Milk tea There is no nutrition of any kind, so one should always try to drink tea without milk. 

If you want to lose weight, you have to give up tea. This is the real logic

Tea is acidic, which causes acidity, acid reflux and bloating. That’s why it should be consumed in limited quantity

Drinking tea before sleeping causes lack of sleep. 

Cooking tea excessively in milk can increase fat storage.

However, according to health expert Garima Goyal, there is no harm in drinking one or two cups of tea.

Acidity and flatulence – Tea should not be drunk on an empty stomach at all. Also, avoid drinking tea in excess as it can make you feel gassy and bloated due to its high caffeine content. Adding too much milk to tea on top also leads to gas formation.

Sugar free tea Try taking. 

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