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How to make Instagram Reels video like TikTok? Here’s the way…

After the TikTok ban, many apps were launched in India to overcome its lack, including apps like Mitron, Moj and Triller. Not only this, social media platforms have also launched new features to give such short video experience, including Facebook’s Short Video, Youtube’s Shorts and Instagram’s Reel feature etc. However, the feature that has become most popular these days is the reel. Yes, these days people are making a lot of reel videos and sharing them on their Instagram. At present, millions of people are using Instagram’s reel feature. If you are also on Instagram, then you must have also seen the reel videos. If you also feel like making reel videos, but you do not know how to use this feature, then this article is going to help you today. Today we are going to tell you how to make reel video in detail.

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How to create Instagram Reels

1. First of all open Instagram on your smartphone.

2. Now on the Instagram homepage, tap on the + icon in the middle.

3. Here you will see some options like Post, Story, Reel etc., in which you have to click on Reel.

4. Now the camera will open and on the right side you will see some options.

Duration – In the option located on the right, you have to set the duration of the reel video, which will be 15 seconds and 30 seconds.

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Music- After this you have to select the music on which you want to make your reel video. Here you will be given suggestions of some songs in Trending and For You on which you can make videos. Apart from this, you can also choose your favorite music by going to search music and make a video on it.

Speed ​​- In the option with 1X, you will get options to give the speed of the video. With the help of this option, you can make your reel video in fast forward and slow motion.

Effects- Apart from this in reel video, you will also get the facility to add effects to your video.

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Countdown- In the option located at the bottom, you will get the facility to put a countdown. Which means that before making a reel video, you can put a countdown of a few seconds, in which there is an option of 3 seconds and 10 seconds.

5. To record video you have to tap on the white circle appearing in the reels and it will also be used to stop recording. Within this 15 or 30 seconds you have to act according to the song, just like a TikTok video and then your Instagram reel video will be ready.

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