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how to get vodafone 4g sim

Vodafone has started its 4G services in Kerala and Mysore. The 4G services of this telecom company will soon be available in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore as well. It is expected to be introduced by March 2016. If you use Vodafone SIM then you can easily get Vodafone 4G SIM by following the instructions given below. For this you do not have to wait till the launch of 4G services. Vodafone 4G SIMs are available in many cities which includes Delhi. First of all, you should get information about the availability of 4G SIM by calling the customer service center of the company. Keep in mind that Vodafone is offering 1GB 4G data free of cost in certain regions on 4G SIM. This free data can be availed after the launch of 4G service.

Follow these tips to get Vodafone 4G SIM:

1. You can place an order for 4G SIM by visiting the nearest Vodafone store.

2. Vodafone Customer Service Officer will give you a 4G SIM card after verifying the identity and presence of 4G support on the smartphone.

3. To activate the card, send SMS from your existing Vodafone. You need to SMS SIMEX text to 55199. The SIM card number will be available on the new SIM card given to you.

4. You will get an SMS reply from 55199 which will contain part of the new SIM number.

5. After this, SMS the last 6 numbers of your new SIM to 55199. You have to do this within two hours of the first response SMS received from 55199.

6. After this you will get congratulatory SMS. After which the new 4G SIM will be activated after 5-10 minutes.

7. After this, replace the old SIM with the new SIM in your mobile. And keep taking advantage of Vodafone’s facility.

That’s all. Now you can start using the new sim. As soon as 4G services are launched in your area, you will be able to take advantage of the fast speed of 4G.

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