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Get free 2 GB Google Drive storage like this

Google is once again giving 2 GB of free storage to all its Google Drive users on the occasion of Safer Internet Day. For this, the user will have to do a security checkup on his Google account.

account security checkup The process is very simple. During this, your account recovery options, connected devices, services with permissions, two-step verification settings will be reviewed. After this is completed, the user will reach the last page where a thank you message from Google will be available. It reads, “To celebrate Safer Internet Day 2016, we’ve given you an additional 2GB of drive storage in exchange for an account security checkup.” Make sure that additional drive storage is not being provided immediately.

If you need drive storage then you can follow this procedure. Not that Google has done this for the first time. Even before this, the company has been offering such offers to woo the users.

In November last year, this US based internet company had announced to provide 2 TB of drive storage for free. The free storage was to help users improve Google’s mapping and navigation service. At the same time, in the month of July, Google made its cloud storage Nearline available to the common user.

Many technology companies keep offering such offers to promote cloud storage. In November last year, Amazon made unlimited photo backup service available to the general user at the rate of $1 and unlimited file storage service at the rate of $5 per year.

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