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Easter Egg for Google: Top 10 coolest Google Easter eggs

Easter Egg for Google : The technology company Google has added Easter eggs into many of its products and services, such as Google Search, YouTube, and Android since at least 2000.

Easter Egg for Google

Easter eggs are hidden features or messages, inside jokes, and cultural references inserted into media. They are often well hidden, so that users find it gratifying when they discover them, helping form bonds between their creators and finders. Google’s employees are encouraged to use 20% of their time for projects of personal interest, and Easter eggs are sometimes created during this. Google avoids adding Easter eggs to popular search pages, as they do not want to negatively impact usability.

10 of the coolest Google Easter eggs

You might not know this, but there are certain phrases that you can type into your Google search that will throw up some slightly odd, but very cool results. Here is a list of the coolest Google Easter eggs for you to search

Easter Egg for Google


Typing “blink html” into the Google will make all bold text blink.


For those who love things to be right I wouldn’t search this, for those of you who embrace anarchy search “askew” and your search page will be tilted.


If you type “Do a barrel roll” into Google search, the search results will flip 360 degrees, a nod to Nintendo’s Star fox games.


This one had us all thinking of obscure celebrities to search for. If you search for a celebrity and “bacon number”, it will tell you the degrees of separation between that celebrity and Kevin Bacon.


This is for you Trekkies out there, if you search for “beam me up, Scotty” using Google’s voice search, Google will reply with ” I cannot do it captain, I do not have the power” in the voice of Mr Scott from Star Trek.


Searching for “what does the fox say?” using Google’s voice search gives the horrible cackling responses that are in the song by Ylvis. Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow!


As a celebration of Google being 15 years old last year, Google released an Easter Egg, where if you type “Google in 1998” the search results that show are in the style of Google search results in 1998.


This one’s a little retro, but we love it! If you search “Google Pacman”, a playable game of pacman will appear in the search results. This one’s a fun one!


This one is my personal favourite, if you search for “Zerg Rush” in Google, a load of Google o’s fly in attacking the search results, it’s up to you to save the search results by battling the o’s with your cursor!


This is for the older few of you who remember the Atari, Searching for “Atari breakout” will give you a playable game of the Atari game breakout, when you win it searches for something random and you can play again.

List of Google Easter eggs

  • “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away” resulted in the same tilted, scrolling style that the introductions to the original Star Wars movies were presented in. This included the music, which was muted but could be heard by clicking on or selecting the muted speaker icon on the page. However, this was discontinued on June 28, 2017.
  • ascii art” showed the logo as if it was created with ASCII characters. This has been discontinued.
  • “askewsee it )” causes the results page to be slightly tilted to the right.
  • pele“, or “Pelé” caused the Goooo…gle page indicator at the bottom of the page to read instead, with the last “o” replaced by a soccer ball. This Easter egg was made to honor the legendary soccer player Edson Arantes do Nascimento, who is casually known by his soccer alias, Pelé.
  • “binary”, “hex”, “hexadecimal” and “octal” showed the number of search results in the respective numeral system.
  • “<blink>
  • “gotham city” or ”batman” will show the bat-signal next to the results. Tapping or clicking on the bat signal shows a stormy night background on the search results page, along with the glowing bat signal overlayed on top. After a few seconds, you will hear a grappling sound before you see the shadow of Batman swinging across your screen. This in celebration of the release of The Batman.
  • “cha cha slidesee it )” adds a glittering microphone next to the link to the official music video. Click it through each stage, and it will recreate the main chorus in the browser.
  • “chesssee it )” cause the “Goooo…gle” page indicator at the bottom of every result page to show chess pieces instead.
  • “christmassee it )“, “hanukkahsee it )“, and “kwanzaasee it )” will show decorations next to the search bar for each respective holiday. The feature is only active during the month of December. Each year, new decorations are shown.
  • “conway’s game of lifesee it )” on a desktop browser generates a running configuration of the game to the right of the search results. The process can also be stopped and altered by the user.
  • “diwalisee it )” will show a lamp which when clicked starts a lamp lighting game.
  • “do a barrel rollsee it )” or “z or r twice” causes the result page to do a Star Fox-style barrel roll.
  • “drag queen”, “gay pridesee it )“, “homosexuality”, “stonewall” and other LGBT-related searches, at times of gay pride festival activity, cause the results page to have a rainbow themed header.
  • “dvd screensaversee it )” causes the Google logo on the top left corner of the screen to bounce around the screen, shifting colors between blue, red, yellow, and green every time it hits the page boundaries.
  • “festivussee it )” shows an image of the Festivus pole beside the search results and the message “A festivus miracle!” next to the number of search results.
  • “fifasee it )” and “world cup”, during FIFA World Cup 2010, caused the “Goooo…gle” page indicator at the bottom of every result page to read “Goooo…al!” instead.
  • “fireworkssee it )“, “fourth of july” and other search terms containing “firework”, on US Independence Day – July 4th, will display simulated multi-colored fireworks for several seconds.
  • “google in 1998see it )” on a desktop browser will generate a layout similar to the one Google used for its search engine in 1998.
  • “googly eyessee it )” will cause a pair of googly eyes to slide from the top of the page to cover each letter “O” in the top Google logo. The eyes will follow the location of the user’s cursor.
  • “is google downsee it )” returns with “No”.
  • “ipl” will display yellow and blue fireworks in celebration of Chennai Super Kings victory over Kolkata Knight Riders during the 2021 Indian Premier League.
  • “kerningsee it )” will add spaces between the letters of the word “kerning” in the search results. Kerning refers to the process of adjusting the space between letters in a word.
  • “<marquee>
  • “ramadansee it )” during the month of Ramadan will allow the initiation of a search of an image of a night sky for a crescent Moon by clicking an image of a crescent Moon in the Knowledge Panel. Upon finding the crescent Moon, the user is congratulated with the message “You found it! Ramadan Kareem to you and your loved ones!” as lanterns drop into view. This also worked during Eid al-Fitr month, but the message at the end was changed to “You found it! Eid Mubarak to you and your loved ones!”

General Search Google Easter eggs

  • “star warssee it )” and other Star Wars related search terms on May 4 (Star Wars Day) summons a splash of confetti, some confetti being characters/items from the Star Wars series.
  • “superb owlsee it )” around the time of the Super Bowl will show a Knowledge Graph for the Super Bowl, along with a games’ information panel titled “Superb Owl” with an image of an owl wearing a crown, in response to an ongoing joke amongst redditors about the common misspelling of “Super Bowl”.
  • “text adventuresee it )” using most popular modern browsers (except Safari) and opening the browser’s developer console will trigger a text-based adventure game playable within the console. Responding “no” to “[w]ould you like to play a game” will print “the only winning move is not to play” in the console, referencing WarGames.
  • “pisee it )” (or “calculatorsee it )” and pressing P on the keyboard) and clicking the “π” symbol will start a memory game similar to Simon, in which the calculator highlights the digits of pi and prompts the user to repeat the sequence. The sequence gets longer every turn. The high-score can be stored, but will reset after reloading the page.
  • “webdriver torsosee it )” turns the Google logo into moving colored blocks. This is a reference to an automated YouTube channel made by Google to test YouTube’s performance. This does not work on mobile devices or when there is a Google Doodle on that day.
  • “zerg rushsee it )” causes an army of Google Os to attack and destroy the search results, which can be defeated by clicking on them. Once defeated (as victory is impossible), the Os form two Gs (GG), meaning “Good Game”.
  • “wordlesee it )” will turn the Google logo into a round of Wordle and guess the words COLUMN, GOALIE, and GOOGLE.
  • see it )Searching something which does not match (such as random nonsense text or special unicode characters) any documents shows a cartoonish fisherman trying to catch a fish in somewhere with ice. Clicking on the fisherman will play an animation of the fisherman catching a random object (i.e., a fish, a can of fish, a boot, or a bent can) in a hole, and then tossing it in a bucket. The boot and the bent can will result in the fisherman to be sad, and the fish and the can of fish will make him smile.
  • Searching Toni Stone on February 9 will have a splash of confetti.
  • “2/22/22” or “Twosday” will make confetti appear with number 2’s and a phrase saying “Happy Twosday 2You!”. It only works on or before 2/22/22 and after the mentioned date, the easter egg is removed.

Embedded tools Easter Egg for Google

A Google web search for: Further information: Google Search § Special interactive features

  • “breathing exercisesee it )” will have a 60-second breathing exercise.
  • “bubble levelsee it )” on a mobile device will have an interactive spirit level. However, this is not supported on other devices.
  • “color pickersee it )” or “rgb to hex” will provide a color picker and a conversion between RGB and hexadecimal color values. Selecting “Show color values” will also show conversions to the CMYK, HSL and HSV color models.
  • “flip a coinsee it )” will flip a coin: heads or tails.
  • “fun factssee it )” or “i’m feeling curious” will show a fun fact. Once a search result has been given, clicking on “Ask another question” will show another question. It will show a short fact in about 1-3 sentences and a link to the website where the fact was found within a featured box at the top of the search results.
  • “google doodlessee it )” will result in showing a random playable Google Doodle and also show an archive of other playable Doodles.
  • “google logo historysee it )” results in a slideshow of the changes to the Google logo, starting with the logo used today and ending with one of the first logos from 1998.
  • “google tunersee it )” will provide an instrument tuner that, via an authorised microphone, will listen to the user playing an instrument and with a GUI, show how to bring the instrument in tune.

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