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What is Bhai-Lang, New Programming Language, Amuses Internet

A new programming language is taking the internet by storm. “Bhai-lang” is a toy programming language created by two Indian developers – Aniket Singh from Amazon and Rishabh Tripathi from Groww.

“Bhai” is Indian word for brother. It is written in Typescript and combines “bhai” from Hindi language with hi, bye and other words in English.

bhai-lang programming language

What is Bhai-lang?

Like Java and other programming languages, “Bhai-lang” too has syntax. But every instruction in the language contains the word ‘bhai’.

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The official website of the language says the entry point of the code begins with “hi bhai” and the syntax ends with “bye bhai”. All the code written inside these tags will be valid while everything outside of it will be ignored. And is a developer/coder makes a mistake, the prompt says “Arre Bhai Bhai Bhai!!!”

The “Bhai-lang” works like any other computer programming language, like HTML, CSS, C++ etc. The language also has its own GitHub page, where users can see the source code and entire directory of how to use built-ins, conditionals and loops.

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Numbers and strings are like other languages, and “sahi” and “galat” are the boolean values.

The website of “Bhai-lang” also has a playground where users can try out codes using the new language. If the code runs successfully, the programming language gives “Shandar Bhai” message in green colour as output.

The creators of the language said “Bhai-lang” is the result of an inside joke.

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Bhai Lang Social media responses

Since the screenshots of the programming language started surfacing on social media, users are posting hilarious responses.

“The forbidden ‘Brocode’,” said a user on Instagram.

“Imagine #bhailang as a Styling language… “color” property be like bhai mujhe rang de: #ffd700,” a user posted on Twitter.



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