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Dwijapriya Sankashti Chaturthi 2023 Katha Puja Time Ganesh Shiv Parwati…

Dwijapriya Sankashti Chaturthi 2023: The fast of Sankashti Chaturthi of Falgun month will be observed on February 9, 2023. On this day Dwijpriya Ganesha, the sixth form of Bappa, is worshipped. It is known as Dwijapriya Sankashti Chaturthi. It is believed that worship on this day brings happiness and peace in the house and removes negativity. On the day of Dwijpriya Sankashti Chaturthi, fasting and worship is considered incomplete without a story. Let us know the story and auspicious time of Dwijpriya Sankashti Chaturthi.

Dwijapriya Sankashti Chaturthi 2023 Muhurat

Falgun Krishna Sankashti Chaturthi date starts – 09 February 2023, morning 06.23

Falgun Krishna Sankashti Chaturthi date ends – 10 February 2023, 07.58 am

  • Moonrise time – 09.25 (9 February 2023)

Dwijapriya Sankashti Chaturthi fast story

According to the legend, once the game of chaupad started between Shiva and Parvati, but at that time there was no one else present there who could play the role of judge of this game. Finding a solution to this problem, Shivji and Parvati together made a clay idol and put their lives in it. Shankar-Parvati ji ordered the child made of clay to decide whether to win or lose in this game.

Mata Parvati got angry in the game of Chaupad

The game of chaupad started between Mata Parvati and Bholenath. Goddess Parvati defeated Shiva in every move. In the same way the game went on but once the child mistakenly declared Mother Parvati defeated. The goddess got angry because of this mistake of the child. In anger, he cursed the child to be lame. The child repeatedly apologized to mother Parvati for his mistake, but the goddess said that now the curse cannot be taken back. The child learned the remedy from the mother.

Child freed from curse due to glory of Dwijapriya Sankashti Chaturthi

Goddess Parvati told the child the way to get rid of the curse and said that on the Sankashti Chaturthi of the month of Phalgun, worship Lord Ganesha’s dual form according to the rules and regulations. The boy did the same and Gauri’s son Ganesh was very pleased to see the true devotion of the boy. The child was freed from the curse, his legs became completely healthy and he started living his life peacefully.

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