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Cooking, Drinking And Littering Is Totally Prohibited In Goa Beach

Goa Tourism Rule: Goa is famous all over the world for its exotic lifestyle and beautiful seeds. Not only Indians but people from abroad also come to visit Goa. Going to Goa means lots of fun, dancing, singing, beach parties and much more. If you too are planning to go to Goa thinking all this, then once you know this rule of the tourism department. If you are planning to have a party in Goa, then this information is even more important for you.

50 thousand may have to be fined

To promote tourism, the Goa government has come up with strict rules for the tourist destination, it is necessary for every person going to Goa to follow it, otherwise you may have to pay a hefty amount, yes, you will be fined up to Rs 50,000. May have to pay as fine. The Goa government has instructed all the police stations to work keeping in mind the new rule.

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what are the restrictions

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The Tourism Department of Goa has taken a big decision. The tourism department has banned cooking and drinking alcohol in the open. The department has given this big order to save Goa tourism potential from spoiling. Unauthorized ticket sales for sports have also been banned. According to the information, the prohibited activities also include cooking food in the open, littering, drinking alcohol in the open, breaking bottles. If the rules violate the law, a fine of 5 thousand will be imposed, which can be increased to 50 thousand, as well as action can be taken under section 188 of IPC. Is.

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Prohibition on selling unauthorized tickets

Apart from this, laws have also been made for local businessmen. All types of tickets will be sold only at authorized ticket counters, not in the open. It has been said in the new rules that action will be taken against those who beg and harass the public, as well as those who obstruct the movement of tourists.

already amended

Let us tell you that even in the year 2019, amendment in the Goa tourist place was approved in the Goa Legislative Assembly, which included the ban on drinking alcohol, cooking food or breaking bottles at tourist places.

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Let us also tell you that the New Year celebration here is famous all over the world, that is why people from different places come here for Christmas and New Year holidays. But now all tourists will have to come to Goa keeping this rule in mind.

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