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Applying Multani Mitti on the face can cause these damages, these people…

Multani mitti paste is a common home remedy, which is used by everyone to remove the dullness of the face, to remove acne and pimples from the face and to enhance the beauty of hair. This soil rich in minerals is considered very beneficial and safe for the skin. By applying Multani Mitti on the face, the face becomes smooth and soft.

Multani mitti has been considered very effective to get rid of skin problems. But it is said that excessive use of anything can prove to be harmful, something similar is with Multani Mitti. Due to excessive use of this soil, the skin may also have to face some damage. Let us know about the disadvantages of Multani Mitti. 

Is it really harmful to apply multani mitti on the face?

Despite the use of Multani Mitti being effective and safe, many times it harms the skin instead of benefiting it. Many problems related to the skin start due to wrong application of multani mitti. Know about some such side effects of multani mitti.

1. dry skin 

Those whose skin is sticky and oily, they apply multani mitti paste to keep the skin healthy. But before applying Multani Mitti, we should take care of the weather and temperature. Applying multani mitti soaked in water only in very cold places increases the dryness of the skin and in winter the skin becomes very dry. 

2. skin stretch

Those whose skin is dry, they should keep in mind that natural moisturizers like Aloe Vera, almond oil or honey should be mixed in it while applying Multani Mitti paste. Because by applying Multani Mitti only, the skin becomes very dry, due to which the skin gets stretched and the skin starts looking old before time. 

3. Damage to sensitive skin

People whose skin is sensitive, they should avoid using multani mitti because applying it can cause pimples on the face and there can be a possibility of rashes. That’s why people with sensitive skin should avoid using Multani Mitti. 


People of these skin types should avoid using Multani Mitti

1. Those whose skin is very sensitive, they should use Multani Mitti very less. Its excessive use can bring dullness and rash on the face.
2. People with dry skin should not use Multani Mitti. Due to this the skin becomes very dry and the skin looks lifeless.
3. If you often have complaints of cold, cold or cough, then you should keep distance from Multani Mitti. Multani mitti has a cooling effect, which can increase the problem of cold and cough.
4. Regular use of Multani Mitti can cause wrinkles on the face. 

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