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Anand Mahindra Twitter Video India Digital Currency E-Rupee During Buy…

Anand Mahindra Twitter Video : In India and the world, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has launched Digital Currency as a pilot project. At present, digital currency is being used only in selected places in the country. The special thing is that RBI has included a fruit seller from Mumbai in the Digital Rupee Pilot Project. The country’s big businessman Anand Mahindra himself has shared a video on Wednesday by being a part of this project. This video is going viral on social media very fast. Know what is special….

Who is Bachelal Sahni?

Bachelal Sahni is in a lot of discussion these days after the video was posted on Twitter, because RBI has made him a part of the Digital Rupee Pilot Scheme. Bachelal Sahni is originally from Bihar. According to media reports, for 29 years, he and his family have been living by selling fruits in front of the Reserve Bank’s headquarters in Mumbai. Digital Rupee CBDC- R stands for small retail payment people doing business in retail.

Mahindra bought fruits by paying e-rupee

Businessman Anand Mahindra informed about this incident on Twitter. Mahindra has shared a video of Bachelal Sahni, a fruit seller, on Twitter. In which he bought fruits from that seller and paid with digital currency e-form. He said in a tweet that in today’s board meeting of the Reserve Bank, I got a chance to learn about RBI’s digital currency e-rupee. Right after this meeting, I went to Bachelal Sahni, who sells fruits nearby and is one of the first few traders in the country to accept digital rupee. Digital India is in action.

How to use digital currency

RBI has issued 2 types of digital currency. One CBDC-W and the other CBDC-R have been used. The first will be used for wholesale payments and the second CBDC will be used for retail payments. Although it is still experimental, so many people are not aware of it. At present, the people of Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Bhubaneswar are going to get the opportunity to use digital money.

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