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Zwigato Movie Review: Good acting but weak story, Kapil Sharma’s comeback film is average



oi-Priya Tomar


artist- Kapil Sharma, Shahana Goswami
writer and director
Nandita Das

‘He is a laborer, that’s why he is helpless, or maybe he is helpless, that’s why he is a laborer’…Caught between Kapil Sharma’s film ‘Zwigato’ is all set to hit the big screens on 17th March. The film depicts a life entangled between job, home and children. The film is directed by Nandita Das, who is known for her brilliant stories.

kapil sharma

Story of the film- The film begins with Manas (Kapil Sharma) daydreaming about his wife Pratima (Shahana Goswami) and thinking about some old work, when suddenly his wife wakes him up from his sleep. Manas works in food delivery, where he has to work very hard to get any other tips for renting.

The entangled mind between family and work remains very disturbed. His children also do not like his work much. But he also has to run his own house, in which an old mother and two children and wife live. Even after working hard, he does not get a good rating and one day suddenly Manas’ account gets blocked because a customer has complained about him. Because of this, Manas loses his job.

Manas who never supports his wife for her work but after losing her job, he has to change his mind in the end. In this way the whole story is shown on a lower middle class family where the common man is so busy in the job.

The special thing is that the message that the story wanted to convey could not be given in the right way and in the end the audience was disappointed. The first part of the story is on track, whereas in the second part, the story is just dragged as if forcefully.

Dialogue and Music- He is helpless that is why he is a laborer or he is a laborer that is why he is helpless….if you have worn pants like a man, then learn to sit on the car like a man….like the wonderful dialogues shown in the film. In the film, Manas has spoken excellent dialogues on occasion. Coming to the songs, there is only one song in the film, which comes during the credits and is very slow.

character- The characters in the film have no answer. Excellent acting was done by Kapil Sharma, while whenever Shahana Goswami appeared on the screen in the character of his wife, there was a different joy on the face of the audience as she spread the magic of her art.

Directing The film is directed by Nandita Das, who is known for her unique and different stories, but this time her story is weak. He had to make the story end beautiful but he didn’t. The message that the story wanted to give, it could not give somewhere. There was a lack of direction as a better film could have been made with such a good cast.

Rating- If you are a fan of Kapil Sharma then you can watch the movie in theatres, but there is nothing special in the movie for which you would sit for three hours. The actors are good but the story is weak. That’s why we at filmbeat give it 2.5 stars.

english summary

Kapil Sharma’s film ‘Zwigato’ is all set to release on the big screen on March 17. This Nadita Das film is weak in direction. Read the full review here.



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