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Wrestling: IOA will soon announce wrestling association elections, PT Usha and Kalyan…


It has been two weeks since the Indian Olympic Association’s (IOA) ad-hoc committee was constituted to look after the Indian wrestling federation, but no steps have been taken so far towards the election of the wrestling federation. Of the three members of the committee, the retired judge has not been appointed yet, but sources in the IOA say that within the next seven to 10 days, the elections to the wrestling association will be announced. Only after this a retired judge will be appointed, who will take charge of conducting the elections. IOA President PT Usha and Joint Secretary Kalyan Choubey will handle the election announcement.

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Elections to be held within 45 days

The Sports Ministry has entrusted the responsibility of conducting the elections to the IOA within 45 days, but at present the ad-hoc committee is busy in starting wrestling activities. The committee includes IOA executive member Bhupender Singh Bajwa and Olympian shooter Suma Shirur. A retired judge is to be appointed as the third member.

1704 wrestlers will play in the trial, out of which 394 are girls.

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The trials for the Under-17 and Under-23 Asian Championships by the Ad-hoc Committee are starting from Wednesday. A record 1704 wrestlers have entered for the trials to be held at NIS Patiala and SAI Center Sonepat till May 19. Maximum 883 wrestlers will participate in the men’s freestyle category. Of these, 490 wrestlers will play in the Under-17 and 393 in the Under-23 category. In the women’s category, 394 wrestlers have entered, including 245 under-17 and 149 under-23 wrestlers. 427 wrestlers have given entry for Greco Roman, in which 207 have given entry for Under-17 and 220 have given entry for Under-23.

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UWW extended the date of entry

The last date for sending entries for this championship was May 15, but the ad-hoc committee requested Asian Wrestling and United World Wrestling to extend the entry date. After this he was given the date of May 22 for entry. This is the reason why the trials were held from 17 to 19 May.



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