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What Is Pet Scan How It Is Useful In Treatment And Early Treatments Of…

What is PET Scan? Abdominal scan is such a test, in which minute details are obtained about the parts of the body and the diseases developing in them. This test is used according to the condition in diseases related to blood, metabolism, brain and heart. People generally think that abdominal scan is only a screening procedure done during cancer treatment. But it is not so. Because even in the treatment of every type of cancer, abdominal scan is not required. While it can also be used in the investigation related to brain and heart.

How is abdominal scan done?

In abdominal scan, a special type of radioactive fluid is given by injection. Tissues and skin cells absorb this fluid. Later it is checked that in which area this fluid has been absorbed the most. Where the most radioactive substance is found, that place is thoroughly investigated. Because cancer cells absorb more radioactive substances than normal cells. In such a situation, the investigation becomes very easy and cancer or other hidden diseases are also detected, which could cause problems in the future.

What diseases does abdominal scan detect?

Abdominal scan works very effectively in the diagnosis of neurology ie brain related diseases, cardiology ie heart related diseases and oncology ie cancer. May be. Parkinson’s disease, Schizophrenia, heart stroke, epilepsy, different types of cancer can be found during abdominal scan, which are not available in CT scan or MRI.

benefits in treatment

The biggest advantage of getting a stomach scan done is that we get detailed information about the disease, as well as the diseases that may occur in the future, we get information about them in advance.

For example, if cancer cells are growing in a person’s body and he gets a stomach scan done due to some other disease, then it is already known in the stomach scan that cancer cells are growing inside. In such a situation, the right treatment can be started in time and the disease can be controlled even before it takes a dangerous form.

Disclaimer: The information given here has been given on the basis of sources related to health research and medical line.

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