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Watching Instagram Reels And Short Videos Cause Disease

It is said that this is the era of social media. Nowadays you get all kinds of things easily on the internet. The result of this is that the young generation spends hours on the phone and easily spends day and night scrolling through the phone. One habit which is common in bus, train, metro, home, family or nearby people, everyone is busy in their phone. The disease of scrolling the phone for hours and watching insta reels has become so dominant nowadays that it is directly affecting the health of the people.

Today we will talk about this. This is the reason that people who are more fond of phones are facing problems like lack of sleep, headache, migraine. If you are sleeping then you are having reel dreams. The habit of watching this reel is not such that it is only in young people, but it is also visible in people from 10 years to 55 years. Because of which mental illness is increasing every day.

Dangerous Disadvantages of Reel Watching

In the initial investigation, the patients admitted that they have been watching the reel for about one and a half years. In which he starts watching the reel as soon as he wakes up in the morning and keeps watching the reel till night. On the other hand, some people admitted that they like to watch the reels which are shared on WhatsApp. If he does not see the reel then he starts feeling strange. When headache starts, on the other hand, there is no feeling in any work. The story of many patients is strange. As soon as he wakes up at night, he sits and starts watching the reel. until they fall asleep again.

These problems start happening in the body after watching the reel

sharp pain in eyes and head

feeling of light in the eyes while sleeping

not eating and drinking on time

The urge to watch reel is no less than a disease, so protect it

If you want to avoid this disease, then try to watch less reels every day.

Use mobile only when necessary

start reading books

spend more time with friends and family

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