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Travel Tips Tourist Destinations Women Are Not Allowed These Places…

Women Not Allowed Here: Today, even though women are equal to men in every field. They are respected everywhere but do you know that even today there are many places in the world where women are prohibited from going. Women cannot go here even if they want to. Although it is a very famous tourist destination, but there is a ban on the entry of women. There are some places in India as well. Come let’s know about those 6 places in the world where women are banned from going…

Irani Sports Stadium

Women cannot go to the Iranian Sports Stadium even if they want to. Their coming here is banned. After the 1979 revolution, the entry of women was banned. The then Iranian government believed that women would see men playing shots, this is not right. Many times men also use foul language during the game, if women are present there then such language will be used, which will not be appropriate.

Kartikeya Temple, India

There is also such a temple in Pushkar city of Rajasthan, where entry of women is prohibited. The name of this temple is Kartikeya Temple. It is dedicated to Lord Kartikeya. Here his celibate form is shown. It is said that if any women goes here by mistake, then they feel cursed. Because of this fear, no woman goes to the temple.

Burning Tree Club, US

There is a unique golf club in the US named Burning Tree Country. It is made for hobby. Only men can come here. Since this club is very famous and here from the President to the judge come to play golf, so the entry of women has been banned here.

Mount Athos, Greece

Mount Athos of Greece is very beautiful. The strange thing is that 1,000 years ago there is a complete ban on women’s entry here. Women cannot come here in any form. Means if any animal is also female then that too cannot come. Only 100 Orthodox and 100 non-Orthodox men can come here. It is said that the path of knowledge journey of the gurus here slows down due to the arrival of women.

Sabarimala, Kerala

The entry of women is also prohibited in the Sabarimala temple of Kerala, India. Discussion is also going on on this. There has been debate many times regarding the entry of women but till now no decision has been taken. Women between the ages of 10 and 50 cannot enter this temple. The main reason for the prohibition of women is that the deities of the temple are celibate.

Okinoshima Island, Japan

Okinoshima is the holy island of Japan. It has also been included in the UNESCO World Heritage. Due to Shinto tradition, women cannot come here. The Shinto tradition is a combination of Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism and China.

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