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These 7 temples of Delhi are famous all over the country, you will be surprised to know the specialty…


Delhi’s Akshardham Temple is counted among the grand and beautiful temples of the country.
The Lotus Temple of Delhi looks like Australia’s famous Opera House.

Famous Temples of Delhi: Many people who are fond of traveling do not forget to explore Delhi, the capital of the country. Most of the tourists visiting Delhi like to visit historical places and local markets. Do you know about the famous temples of Delhi? Yes, some temples in Delhi are very famous. Seeing which you can feel very relaxed. A large number of people reach here to have darshan.

By the way, there are many magnificent temples in different corners of the country. But some temples of Delhi are also known for their beautiful view and excellent architecture. In such a situation, visiting these temples can make your journey memorable while visiting Delhi. So let’s know the names of some famous temples of Delhi and know about them.

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Akshardham Temple- The name of Akshardham temple is counted among the grand temples of the country. This temple located near Laxmi Nagar in Delhi is very famous in the country and abroad. At the same time, music and fountain shows are also organized at night in the temple premises.

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Chhatarpur Temple- The Chhatarpur temple of Delhi is one of the ancient temples of the country. The beautiful architecture of the temple is very much liked by the tourists. At the same time, a huge crowd of devotees is seen in this temple during Navratri. Apart from Maa Durga, Lord Shankar and Vishnu are also worshiped in Chhatarpur temple.

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Lotus Temple- Lotus Temple is one of the famous temples of Delhi. This temple was built in 1979 by the Baha’i organization. At the same time, the architecture of the Lotus Temple looks a lot like the Opera House located in Sydney, Australia.

Hanuman Temple- The Hanuman temple of Delhi is also very famous in the country. A huge statue of Hanuman ji is present in this temple located in Jhandewalan. On the other hand, there is a huge crowd of devotees in the Hanuman temple on Tuesday.

Kalka Ji temple- Kalkaji Temple located in Delhi is also known as Jayanti Peeth or Manokamna Siddha Peeth. And the temple of Kalka ji is dedicated to the incarnation of Mother Durga. Due to which Goddess Shakti is worshiped in this temple.

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Laxmi Narayan temple- The Lakshmi Narayan Temple of Delhi is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Built in 1933, this temple is also known as Birla Mandir. On the other hand, Lakshmi Narayan Temple is counted among the grand and beautiful temples of Delhi.

ISKCON Temple- Delhi’s ISKCON Temple dedicated to Lord Krishna is situated on the Hare Krishna Hills. The beautiful carvings and calm atmosphere of the ISKCON temple are very much liked by the tourists. On the other hand, there is a huge crowd in the temple on the occasion of Janmashtami.

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