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Study Report Revealed Improved Air Quality Has Accelerated Global Warming…

Study Report: Global warming has become a serious problem for the whole world in today’s world. Various measures are being taken to get rid of this. Studies have said that global warming has increased due to the emission of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases due to fossil fuels and human activities. But a new study has claimed that if we clean our air, then it will increase global warming further.

Green house gases are also necessary

We all know that the greenhouse gases that cause climate change are released by burning coal or gasoline. But do you know that these gases also play a positive role. They actually help our planet stay cool by capturing polluting particles like aerosols that cool the world by reflecting sunlight and dissipating some of the heat.

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Air pollution is decreasing, Earth’s temperature is increasing

In a recent study report, the researchers found that based on various satellite studies, the impact of global air pollution on climate was reduced by 30 percent from the year 2000 levels. Despite the fact that airborne particulates, or aerosols, are thought to cause several million deaths each year, reducing them is good news for public health; But this is bad news for global warming. Due to the awareness of people’s climate change, air pollution is decreasing but due to this the temperature of the earth is getting warmer.

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That doesn’t mean…

In their study report, meteorologist Professor Johannes Kwass of the University of Leipzig in Germany and colleagues from Europe, China and the US presents strong evidence of this effect on climate of improved air quality, saying that “we used NASA’s Terra and Aqua satellites”. and found that the reduction in aerosol-induced cooling increases the warming due to CO2 by 50 percent since 2000. This means that global warming has accelerated compared to the previous period.

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Professor Johannes Kvass, lead author of the study, explained that “Our study should not imply that we should now emit more aerosols to cool the climate. On the contrary, aerosols are harmful to human health and the environment, which is why That we need to keep reducing emissions.”

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