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Rhinoplasty Woman Died Of 6 Cardiac Arrests After Nose Job Surgery Goes…

Rhinoplasty: Many people get nose surgery done to change the size and shape of the nose. Many actresses have also done nose transformation according to their need through this surgery. However, a case of nose surgery from Colombia has surprised everyone. In fact, 21-year-old Karen Julieth Cardenas Uribe, a resident of Colombia, died after a nose surgery. It was told that during the rhinoplasty (nose surgery) process, Juliet’s lungs were suddenly filled with blood, after which she died.

When psychology student Karen Julieth returned home after undergoing nose surgery, she found herself very weak. He was feeling faint again and again. In a hurry, Juliet was taken to the hospital. According to the information, he had a cardiac arrest in the hospital itself, after which his heart stopped beating. But the doctors made a lot of efforts to bring back Karen’s heartbeat, in which they were also successful. The doctors decided to incubate him to help him breathe.

However, further scans revealed that his lungs, esophagus and trachea were filled with a large amount of blood. For this reason, she could not breathe, due to which she died. According to information, Juliet died after 6 cardiac arrests. Karen’s brother revealed that Juliet was perfectly healthy. She was in good shape and never had any serious illness or health problem.

Is rhinoplasty surgery dangerous?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, nose reshaping was the most popular cosmetic procedure performed in 2020. This was a popular practice in Britain as well. However, when women started moving towards safer and cheaper options like non-surgical rhinoplasty, then there was a significant decline in its popularity. Non-surgical rhinoplasty is performed using filters and takes about 10 minutes.

What are the risks of nose surgery?

Nose surgery is done to enhance beauty. Many times even people who feel difficulty in breathing undergo this surgery. This is a complicated operation, which brings with it some health problems. Therefore, before undergoing this surgery, you must know these things.

1. persistent difficulty breathing

2. bleeding nose

3. change in sense of smell

4. heavy bleeding

5. blood clots in veins

6. Infection

7. Allergic reaction to anesthesia

Before getting nose surgery done, you must know about all the possible difficulties and then take a decision.

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