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Relationship Tips Know Five Break Up Reasons In Hindi | 5 reasons for breakup

Relationship Tips: Despite immense love, breakup breaks deep inside. After the cheating of the partner in the relationship, it goes on in everyone’s heart and mind as to why he got cheated. How can his partner do this. There can be more than one reason for breakup and cheating in a relationship. Come let’s know 5 reasons for breakup…

5 reasons for partner’s unfaithfulness

is she not happy in the relationship

Due to not being happy in the relationship, many times people like to breakup. Sometimes getting out of a relationship is also called infidelity. Healthy relationships can also take energy, effort and financial resources. Many times the change in job and routine affects the relationship and connection-communication gap starts forming. Due to this, the fights increase and the matter reaches to the breakup.

Is there no fun in infidelity?

Some people may find infidelity exciting. He likes such things. This can happen due to going through emotional issues, traumatic experiences, poor self-esteem and mental health struggles in childhood.

feeling lost in the relationship

Every relationship has its own different thinking. Some people have more desire to make physical relation in relationships. In such a situation, when it is not fulfilled as they think, then they can expect something like this somewhere else. Because of this, they cheat on their partners.

problem with commit

Many people try to avoid commitment to a partner or marriage. In such a situation, when the partner talks to them like this again and again, they get scared and feel that their freedom can be taken away. That’s why they think it better to separate from the relationship.

no matter what the reason

Many times something happens in the relationship, which can become a reason for regret. Because of this, some relationships break. Because the partner feels that he has done what should not have been done. With this thinking, they separate themselves from the relationship and breakup.

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