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President Pedro Castillo Removed As President Vice President Dina Boluarte…

Political Crisis In Peru: Political upheaval has once again taken place in Peru. Peru’s leftist President Pedro Castillo has been removed from his post by lawmakers. In his place, Vice President Dina Boluarte was made the next President of the country. Here, for the first time in the democratic history of more than 200 years, a woman has been made the President.

Let us tell you that in the 130-member Congress, 101 legislators voted to remove President Dro Castillo from the post. During this, 101 votes were cast in favor of impeachment and only six people voted against it, while 10 MPs completely abstained from the voting process.

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Who is the new President Dina Boluarte?

Dina Boluarte is a Peruvian lawyer and politician, who has taken over as the President of Peru since 7 December 2022. She has now become the first female President of Peru. Boluarte was born on May 31, 1962 in Chalahuanca, Apurimec. He has studied law from San Martin de Porres University.

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Peru’s president will remain till 2026

Boluarte is the president of the Apurimac Club in Lima. However, she ran unsuccessfully for mayor of the Surquillo district of Lima in 2018, representing the Free Peru party. He also participated in the 2020 parliamentary elections for Free Peru, although he still did not get a seat in Congress. At the same time, before taking the oath of office of the President of Peru, Dina was the Vice President of the country. She will hold this post till 2026.

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Why the dispute started in Peru

Pedro Castillo dramatically announced in his address to the nation on December 7 that he was going to impose emergency in the country. He also said that he would dissolve the Congress dominated by the opposition parties. After this many ministers had resigned from their posts. The result of the controversy was that a few hours later the opposition parties called an emergency meeting and decided to bring impeachment against him.

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