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Navratri 2022 Sweet Dish For Kanjika Poojan Dish For Bhog

Navratri 2022: Navratri festival is going on. This nine-day long festival ends with the worship of Kanjika (girl). Kanya Puja is also done everywhere on different dates. In some people it is on Saptami Tithi and in others on Ashtami Tithi. At the same time, some people worship Kanya after fasting for the whole nine days. You all must know that Halwa Puri is offered during Kanya Puja. However, this time you can try something new. So, today we are going to tell you about some such dishes, which you can feed them during Kanya Puja this time. Let’s know-

pudding cake

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It is good to make Kheer in any worship. Kheer is tasty as well as a good option to enjoy. Therefore, this time you can make Kheer during Kanya Puja. After offering food to the mother, you should also feed kheer to the girls, they will like it very much.

almond pudding

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Badam ka halwa can also be tried for enjoyment. As much as it is tasty in food, it is equally beneficial for health. During Kanya Pujan on this Navratri, try almond pudding instead of making semolina pudding every time.


Girls also love jalebis, so if you want to make something sweet as well as keeping in mind the preferences of girls, then jalebi is the best option. It is also very easy to make jalebi, which can be prepared within an hour.

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Most of the youth do not know this thing related to food, do you know?

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