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Mangalvaar ke Upay: Do not commit these mistakes even by mistake on Tuesday, get angry…

Mangalvaar Ke Upay:Tuesday is considered best for Hanuman Puja. There is a ritual of worshiping Bajrangbali on this day. On this day, if Hanuman ji is worshiped with full devotion and special things are taken care of, then auspicious results will surely be attained. It is believed that auspiciousness is heavy for many people. If Hanuman ji is worshiped on this day, then all auspiciousness will be auspicious. But to please Hanuman ji, you should not do these things even by mistake.

Don’t do this mistake on Tuesday

  • Don’t offer sweets made of milk to Hanuman ji even by mistake, this makes Banjarbali angry. Hanuman ji should be offered Boondi, Basen laddoos, it is very dear to God.
  • One should not consume meat and Mandira on Tuesdays. Their consumption is prohibited on this day. All these things are vindictive, consuming them can cause problems in your life.
  • If you observe Bajrangbali fast on a Tuesday, you must not consume salt on this day even by mistake. Should.
  • No one should lend money on Tuesday because the loan given on this day does not come back. So give money to someone on this day very thoughtfully, because later you will have to work hard to get that money back.
  • We should observe celibacy on Tuesday. Romantic relations should not be made on this day. This is believed to be because Hanuman ji practiced celibacy throughout his life.
  • One should not travel in the west and north direction on Tuesdays. Even if you have to travel on this day, Leave the house after eating jaggery.
  • No work related to Venus and Saturn should be done on this day. We should also wear red or orange colored clothes on this day. Be careful not to wear black or blue colored clothes on this day.
  • We should not cut nails, cut hair or shave on Tuesdays. This thing should be especially taken care of.
    Take care on this day not to get into an argument with anyone, because if you do not do auspicious work on Mars, then you may have to fight and repent for the rest of your life.< /li>

So you should also take care of these small things every auspicious time, why your well being will be done by taking care, because the easiest way to get blessings of Hanuman ji is to keep Bajrangbali happy.

Good Morning Tips: Do not do this work even after waking up in the morning, the whole day can be bad

Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on beliefs and information only. It is important to mention here that does not confirm any kind of recognition, information. Before acting on any information or belief, seek relevant expert advice.


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