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Maida Health Benefits And Risk Know Myth About Flour

Maida: Most of the favorite junk foods of the youth are made from white flour only. It is often said about white flour that it gets stuck in the intestines or the body has to work very hard to digest it. Despite knowing the disadvantages of white flour, people like to consume things made from it. Be it momos or chowmein, rolls or pasta, most of the junk foods are made from refined flour. Maida is also known as refined wheat flour.

Maida is a highly processed form of wheat flour, from which the bran and germ have been removed. However, during this process, many such nutrients and fibers also come out of it, which are found in flour. This is the reason why consumption of white flour is not considered good for health. Eating flour regularly can lead to obesity and weight gain. Digestive problems like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, constipation, bloating and gas can arise.

Flour is injurious to health!

Maida is not considered good at all for gut health. This is because due to the lack of fiber, it can stick to the way of your digestion system and can cause problems related to digestion. Many people believe that it is very difficult to digest refined flour. Some people also say that the process of digestion of white flour is very slow.

Nutritionist Bhuvan Rastogi has told in his Instagram post that “Four is not easily digested” it is a myth. Rastogi says that the truth is that maida digests very fast, due to which the blood sugar level increases rapidly. The nutritionist said that flour digests very slowly as compared to maida, while it also has a high glycemic index and more nutrients.

Blood sugar level may increase

There has always been a belief in India that maida accumulates in the stomach or intestine and does not get digested easily. Nutritionists say that flour is very easy to digest. Because it gets digested quickly like sugar. This is the reason why it is harmful for health. He said that food items with high fiber digest slowly, so any whole grain (like flour) gets digested slowly as compared to refined flour. Maida is easy to digest, but can increase your blood sugar level, so its excessive consumption should be avoided.

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