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ICSE, ISE Exams 2024: Students find English paper easy with few tricky questions

Students from Lucknow found the ICSE English Literature Paper 2024 relatively easy with a few tricky questions.

Students of City Montessori School, Lucknow branch discussing English literature question paper after the exam on Friday(Handout)

According to the students poetry section was easy. “We were able to attempt the poetry section with ease. Most of us were able to comprehend the question effectively and finished the paper well in time,” said Keshvi Singh and Manas Mishra, students of City Montessori School, RDSO branch.

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“The questions from the play were easy to comprehend and we were able to finish the paper well in time. Section A questions required thoughtfulness,” said Priyanka Srivastava, Devina Srivastava and Vailace, all students of CMS RDSO campus, Lucknow.

Gauri Goel, a class 10 student of La Martiniere Girls College said, “The question paper was easy and it covered the entire syllabus. Was able to complete the paper well on time. Our English teacher prepared us well.”

“The question paper was very easy, however there were a couple of MCQs which I found to be tricky. Overall, the questions were quite simple,” said Shemam Yunus, a student of LMGC. Romilla Bunny, English teacher of LMGC said that it was an excellent paper. Reasoning questions were handled well. Moderate in difficulty, she said.

Aabha Shukla, a student of St Joseph College said, “I knew almost all the answers and completed it on time. I’m very happy. I hope all my papers will also go like this only.” Khushi Ojha from the same school said, “Our English Literature paper was moderate. One can easily score good grades if you have studied the whole year. It was joyful to solve the question paper.” Nashra Zahid, another student from St Joseph said, “Our English Literature paper was not very difficult.”

Hadiyah Mui, a student of LMGC said: “I found the paper to be pretty simple and straightforward. The multiple-choice questions (MCQs) were quite simple, and the issues posed were highly engaging, even with the Merchant of Venice selection. It was enjoyable to respond to a few of the higher-order thinking questions we had in mov and poetry. The answers to the descriptive poetry and prose encompassed nearly all of the chapters without being difficult.”

Brahmasmi Gautam, another student of LMGC said: “The paper of English Literature was easy. It was not complicated.” Avni Singh of LMGC said: “The paper was balanced. It was not difficult. There were more High Order thinking questions this time. The questions weren’t very twisted either, they were straightforward, just a little lengthy. Overall the paper was a lot easier than I expected it to be.”

Parthivi Agnihotri of St Joseph Rajajipuram branch said, “Paper was easy. Some questions were lengthy. Last two MCQ’s were a little bit tough for me.” Shresth Tiwari of St Joseph Rajajipuram branch said, “In comparison to previous year, this year’s paper was average.



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