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Hellbound 2021 Ki is a South Korean television series directed by Yeon Sang-ho. It is based on a webtoon of its own that also has the same title. The first work in Geok was an 11-minute short animation directed by Yeon Sang-ho in 2002. The series is a Netflix original release about supernatural angels sent from nowhere to condemn people to hell, starring Yoo Ah-in, Kim Hyun-joo, Park Jeong-min, Won Jin-ah and Yang Ik-joon.

The series pilot premiered at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival on September 9, 2021, in the primetime program of the TV series, and became the first Korean drama to place at the festival. It will be released on Netflix on November 19, 2021 for streaming in 190 countries.

HellBound All Episodes Download in Hindi Filmywap 720p, 480p Leaked Online in HD Quality

HellBound Series Download People hear predictions of when they will die. When that time comes, a death angel appears before them and kills them.

HellBound Series Download Leaked

Hellbound has a great hook. The synopsis of the six-episode live-action Netflix series is this: What if angels started appearing, informing individuals that they would die for their sins in a few days, and when the time came, beat those people to death? Was beaten to death. Hawking, The Smoking Beast?

hellbound netflix series trailer

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HellBound Web Series Release Date and Time

Hellbound Movie To October 22, 2021 at 09:00 am IST Has been released worldwide. whereas if you have netflix If the subscription is available, then you can watch it online by streaming it. where you want it download You can also do it on your mobile or computer.

available on netflix
Running Time 2:30 Hours
Release Date 19 November 2021
language Hindi
Subtitle English
Countries India

This is the original scenario that opens the series. As people drink at a coffee shop on a haphazard November day, a man anxiously looks at his phone. When the clock strikes the scheduled time, he panics, but when nothing happens, he begins to relax.

Then, with a rumbling sound, three giant creatures burst through the wall, chased the man across a busy street and beat him to death in front of hundreds of onlookers. The whole thing, naturally, gets captured on video, uploaded to social media and becomes a viral sensation.

MoviesFlix hell bound Series Cast

let’s know now hell bound Full Cast of the Series What are

Movies hell bound
artists Yoo Ah-in | Kim Hyun-joo | Park Jeong-min
director Yeon Sang-ho
Movie Type Drama | Fantasy | action

hell bound Series Watch Online Dailymotion

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The Korean drama was developed by writer/director Yeon Sang-ho (Train to Busan, Peninsula) and illustrator Choi Kyu-seok, adapted from his own webtoon, The Hell. The measured pacing of Train to Busan’s opening half is on display here, as Sang-ho introduces his main characters and instead of delving into their backstories, treats the audience with a series of blistering supernatural action sequences.

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Hellbound expands into a thoughtful and engaging series that taps into themes of justice and bigotry to give more weight to its already engaging premise. The series stars Yang Ik-joon as a jaded detective who gets swept up in the chaos as it develops. His fractured relationship with his daughter and ambiguous outlook (though clich├ęd features) make for an interesting lead with a meaningful connection to the investigation.

He is joined by Kim Hyun-joo as a captured lawyer in the ensuing events; But it’s Ah-in who steals the spotlight as soft-spoken cult leader Jeong Jin-soo. Skillfully walking the line between dangerous and charming, this charismatic man has everything it takes to make a memorable antagonist.

distributors netflix
channel partner Sony Max
music partner zee music
Running Time Not Available
Release date 19 November 2021
language Hindi
Countries India

HellBound has done a wonderful job setting up the overarching and strange mystery to come. Tantalizing cliffhanger endings will likewise keep viewers glued to their sofas one episode at a time, which means the show can easily be watched in a weekend. The series may not capture the world’s attention like the Squid games, but the talent and creativity behind it make it worth not missing out on.

What hell bound Series also available on YouTube?

No, hell bound Not available on YouTube. but if you have netflix If the subscription is available then you can enjoy this movie.

hell bound What is the release date time?

hell bound Is the release date time 19th November 2021he too netflix In.

hell bound netflix Who is the director of?

hell bound is the director of netflix Yeon Sang-ho,

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