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Health Topic Symptoms Of Anxiety Disorder Try Not To Ignore

A disease which is making the good looking people sick from within is spreading rapidly in the country. This is anxiety disorder, due to which people of all ages from teenagers are falling prey to this serious problem. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, anxiety disorder is the most common and rapidly spreading disease in India. About 40 million i.e. about 4 crore youth of the country are in the grip of this disease. Whereas out of this 40 million only about 40% people get to know about this disease and they are able to take treatment.

It is surprising that about 15.20% people in different metros of India are victims of anxiety and 15.17% are victims of depression. One of the major reasons for this is lack of sleep. There are about 50% people who are unable to complete their sleep. According to a study, 86% of diseases in the body increase due to lack of sleep, of which depression and anxiety are the most. Even in countries which are developed at this time, about 18% youth are victims of anxiety. Women are getting more troubled by anxiety than men.

What is anxiety disorder?

Anxiety is a mental health problem, in which people surround themselves with negative thinking, restlessness, fear and worry. Sudden trembling of hands, sweating, nervousness, confusion in mind, crying without any reason are the symptoms of anxiety. There can be a problem of anxiety even if you do not sleep properly continuously. Being entangled in this problem for a long time can also cause heart problems.

Symptoms of anxiety disorder

  • Restlessness
  • body tension
  • panic attack
  • digestive problems
  • Shortness of breath

anxiety treatment

The treatment of anxiety is medicine, doing yoga, being happy as much as possible, reducing tension, keeping oneself busy in some work, sharing one’s thoughts, counseling. If someone you know is a victim of anxiety, then talk to him and try to keep him happy. Do not take this disease lightly at all.

pay special attention to food

People who are victims of anxiety need to pay special attention to their diet. Green vegetables and healthy food should be eaten. Fried food should be avoided. Along with this, food should be taken on time without skipping meals.

do workout and yoga

It is necessary for anxiety patients to do workout and yoga everyday. This brings a different energy to your body, due to which both your body and mind feel fresh. By doing workouts and yoga, you can get rid of your illness soon.


Anxiety disorder has become a common problem today and the best option for this problem is prevention and not treatment. The most serious thing about anxiety disorder is that anxiety disorder is not known at which stage and in what time it can become serious, so be aware of its symptoms and see a doctor immediately if you feel anything. .

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