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Health Tips Unbearable Pain In These Parts Of Body Sigh Of Uric Acid…

Uric Acid Symptoms: Uric acid is a kind of dirt, which gets accumulated in the blood and due to this pain starts in many parts of the body. The reason for this is unhealthy eating and wrong lifestyle. By the way, Uric Acid has become a common disease, but if it is not taken care of in time, then kidney and heart diseases can also increase. Let’s know every single information related to uric acid…

When does uric acid problem occur?

According to health experts, due to the increase in uric acid, there is severe pain in the joints of the body. Earlier this problem was seen only in the elderly, but now young people are also falling prey to it. Whenever we eat purine-rich foods in excess, then the amount of uric acid in the blood increases. Although our kidney filters uric acid and removes it out of the body through urine, but when the amount of purine increases, the kidney is not able to function properly and uric acid starts getting mixed in the blood.

Effects of uric acid on health

The uric acid present in the blood accumulates around the joints, which causes severe pain. Due to increase in uric acid, digestion process also gets spoiled. Uric acid is considered very dangerous for health. If it is not identified in time, it can become a serious problem. Due to this, there are many such parts of the body, where pain starts.

Pain in these organs means increased uric acid

redness near the joints

Whenever the amount of uric acid in the body increases, then the waste elements start accumulating near the bones. This causes redness in the joints. If redness is visible near the elbow, knee or joints, then it is a sign of high uric acid level.

big toe swelling

If there is swelling or heaviness in the big toe of your foot, or if you are feeling warmth and pain in this finger, then understand that the amount of uric acid has increased.

swollen ankles

The problem of gout starts due to increase in the amount of uric acid. If someone has gout, then ankles also give this indication. In such a situation, there is swelling in the ankles. Touching the ankle in gout feels like a prick and there is also severe pain. In this problem, there is a lot of difficulty in climbing the stairs.

knee pain

In the problem of gout, there is the most problem in the knees. When the level of uric acid increases, the first symptoms appear on the knee itself. If there is severe pain in the knee and there is difficulty in climbing stairs, then one should stop eating purine-rich foods.

sharp pain in waist and neck

If there is severe pain in the waist and neck at an early age, then it can be a sign of increase in uric acid. Due to increase in uric acid, stretching starts in the body parts and severe pain is felt.

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