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Group Captain Shaliza Dhami: Meet the first woman of the fighter unit of the Airforce…

Shalija Dhami
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Group Captain Shaliza Dhami: The participation of women in the Indian Air Force is increasing. Many women are joining the army. The name of Shalija Dhami has been included in these women. Shalija Dhami’s rank and achievement has risen in the Indian Air Force. Dhami has got the command of the Frontline Combat Unit in the Western Sector.

This is the first time in the history of the Indian Air Force that a woman has been made the commander of a combat unit. Being a woman pilot of the Air Force is a great achievement in itself, as well as she has become an example for Indian women. Let’s know about Shalija Dhami, the command of the Combat Unit in the Indian Air Force.

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Shalija of Ludhiana is a helicopter pilot

Commander Shalija Dhami was born in Ludhiana. His father was a government employee, while his mother was also in a government job. Promising in studies, Shalija had dreamed of becoming a pilot in her childhood. When she reached 9th standard, she decided that she would become a pilot. She worked hard to fulfill her dream and became a helicopter pilot in the year 2003.

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first female flying instructor

Later Shalija has also served as the Flight Commander of the Helicopter Unit of the Indian Air Force. Apart from this, he has one more achievement to his name. She has also been the first woman flying instructor of the Indian Air Force. Later she also held the post of Wing Commander.

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Serving in the Indian Air Force for 15 years

In the year 2019, Shalija served as the Commander of Chetak Helicopter Unit at Hindon Airport in Ghaziabad, UP. Shalija, serving in the Air Force for the last 15 years, is commanding the flight commander unit. Explain that his group captain’s post is equal to the colonel of the army.



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