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Garuda Purana Lord Vishnu Niti Granth Every Person Gets These Sign Before…

Garuda Purana, Lord Vishnu Niti: We all know about Garuda Purana. Garuda Purana is one of the 18 Mahapuranas of Hinduism, which is important to be read or heard at home after the death of a relative. In Garuda Purana, there is a description about policy, rules, science, religion, karma, sin, virtue, death, soul, heaven, hell and rebirth etc.

But in this especially the mysteries of death have been explained in detail. It has been told in Garuda Purana that shortly before death, the deceased realizes this and starts getting some signs. Lord Vishnu himself tells about these signs in Garuda Purana.

Why do you get signs before death

When a person’s last time is near, he gets signs also because he can tell his wishes to family, relatives or friends and meet them. It is said that if a person’s wish remains unfulfilled before death, then his soul does not get peace. That’s why he gets these signs so that none of his work or any of his wishes remains unfulfilled before his death. Know about these signs.

mystical signs before death

  • When the time of death of a person comes near, then he starts remembering the good and bad deeds done by him. But these signs are only for a short time.
  • It is said that when death is near, the lines on the palm of a person start getting lighter. In some, the lines on the palm become completely visible.
  • The person who has one hour left in his death, sees the messengers of Yamraj. Such people also get the feeling of being close to some negative forces around them.
  • It has been told in Garuda Purana that, a few days before death, ancestors start appearing in dreams. If the ancestor is seen crying or sad in the dream, then understand that only some time is left for his death.
  • It is said that people faint an hour before death. Due to this, the supply of blood in the body decreases and the body starts getting cold. As soon as these signs are found, the deceased should have a last meeting with his family members.

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